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Google Won’t Be Evil To That Extent

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Few days ago I covered the Google’s decision to hold there Project Maven. The project that I believed was the start of downfall of Google, for the project was just reciprocal if there tagline ‘Don’t Be Evil’

Google Fans were more than happy, when project Maven was ditched. But Google has now come up to tell that they are not finishing there partnership with military. They would still continue to help military for there works and provide there AI capibilities. Though they won’t actively take part in increasing accuracy of drones, and artillery. They would be helping in generalised works of military.

In my opinion this is a misuse of there power. Elon Musk and many others have strongly believed AI to be threat to humanity. And Google has been in favour of AI. But are they themselves destroying humanity, wuth there AI. I believe yes. Also I believe they are destroying themseleves. When you have a company that says don’t be evil, And keeps most of it’s services free and open to prevent evil in themselves, but then that company starts supporting military activity with there resources. It is not only ironical it is illogical.

Reason why many Google employees left Google, when they launched Maven, was not that they wanted to work peacefully. They realized google had lost the believe for which they worked.

Apple like I covered earlier lost there why when Steve Jobs died. And now Apple is seeing negative reputation among public. I am a Google fan and I don’t wish same for Google. Google has some what realized that AI for military was a mistake. But they aree on to run for short twrm benefit. The problem why Google even after being Company this big isn’t realizing it, is Eric Schmidt’s idea of ship and iterate. That idea of eric Schmidt says, if you are uncertain about he future, ship a product and then see public response and then iterate. They have itwrated Maven Project. But I think Google’s AI activitoes should be restricted even further.

Google followed same policy with there Nexus line up. And Nexus line up was next to dust. I believe there policy, has been too linient among them. You can iterate or improve a shipped product, but you can’t make a bad product radically food one by simply iteration.

I frankly believe Google should take back there AI, works back and come to ML as ML, has no harm in any ways to humanity.

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