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Maintaining The Respect: Apple will Never Troll Cutout Camera

Remember those days when Samsung made advertisments trolling Samsung for there big notch, now the tables are turned. With the newly leaked Samsung Galaxy S10, has a notch worse than Apple.

Apple is a respectible brand. Whatever they may do with there products, they know hot to maintain there integrity, retain there pride and not waste time on dumb things. And that image of a brand what makes Apple products successful. It’s the brand that adds value to the product, not the product itself.

Apple if someday trolls Samsung for this notch, it would be even worse, but they will do it. They don’t mess with creepy brands.

What if Apple had criticized Samsung for Note 9 blasts. But they never did. They have ever since worked for the goal of improving technology, and thinking differently.

The thing is that marketing is up to the brand, but first Samsung criticizes Apple, and then do something even worse. This is ironical. This is like now Samsung employee’s while rewatching those ads would be praying that Apple doesn’t do it.

Or Samsung designers while designing would be fearing that this cutout will have them face lots of trolls and memes.

Thing is that whatever product they make is there own choice and whatever they market is there own choice. But as a brand you have to think, that what you say should not be ironical. Simply consideribg the image and standard of brand it is atleast that Apple does what it says. And more often than not there marketing is just showing there products, and the user experience and criticizing about other brands doesn’t exist.

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