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The Future of Apple: Sacrificing Short Term For Long Term

Apple is the crappy brand, that everyone is criticizing because how bad has the iPhone has become. They say that Apple is at it’s down fall and iPhone is dead.

8th January 2007, was when the first ever iPhone was released, and it was a game changer, no body could imagine a phone with single button, touch interface etc.

At that time also people could not understand its potential. People complained Apple to launch a version of iPhone with smaller screen, because the 3.5 inch screen with which it shipped was considered to big. But soon it killed feature phones, and all old school phones with t9 keys.

Now Apple is doing the same. This time one of there products will be killing there another product. #iPhone and #Mac is to go. Because whatever we do with a phone, can be accomplished in a smaller form factor also.

And they are doing the same, witht the Apple Watch. Apple Watch is the single king of wearable industry. There functionality, there health features, integration with phone etc. is far beyond there competiton.

Most lf the people say that Apple has got over confident about there future and have stopped working specially due to the criticized notch and many other moves. But Don’t forget how hard have they been working at the iPad, and the Apple Watch perfecting it.

And we have seen with most of the tech youtubers that the best technological device of 2018, for most of the people was the $iPad. #Youtuber Jonnathan Morrison tried to edit A #Dave2D video simply using an iPad, and the Apple Keyboard.

They have done marvels by putting in that much power with the A12 bionic, and the software smoothness that they have achieved.

And this makes all the difference, people criticise Apple for #iPhone having so many problems, and they criticize the Macs for having less ports. But they are up with the old

They have sacrificed there present times for better future. Apple is having a unidirectional focus over there. May be they having something else in there minds also. Some secret works that we don’t know.

But it is not possible that a company works hell hard for one thing gets credited for it, is praised, but then criticized for another. There must be somewhere something that us in there head.

If you may ask why Apple has not stopped iPhone, is media, they can’t watch youtube on a Apple Watch, it is too small a screen to watch it. As far as audio is concerned the Airpods are another great thing that lead industry and nothing comes close it.

There were rumours of #Apple working on #AR device, may be Apple can fill the vacuum, with that device. That’s how Apple will shape the future in my opinion. Now note that these are my opinions, and Apple may or may not follow it. And also they may iterate plans. But i have a strong feeling about it. You can’t be working hell hard at one thing and making mistakes at other. There must be something in there minds, that is keeping them from perfecting iPhone.

Hope they can do what #SteveJobs did 12 years ago, by sacrificing today for bettyer tomorrow.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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