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What Are Pingbacks and Trackballs? Easiest ways to Get Backlinks

You know that backlinks are really important if you want to rank high on Google. Now there is way with which you can get backlinks with less efforts.

This is called Pingbacks and Trackballs. How good it could it be that whenever you mentioned any other wordpress website in any article, (gave a backlink) then in return the other website also linked back to you.

This is the beauty of Trackballs and Pingbacks. Though it is not that the other person will link back to you, but in most cases they give you a link back.

To enable or disable pingbacks and trackbacks, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress as the administrator.
  2. In the left pane of the dashboard, click Settings, and then click Discussion.
  3. In the Default article settingssection:
    • To enable pingbacks and trackbacks, select the Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) check box.
    • To disable pingbacks and trackbacks, clear the Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) check box.
  4. Click Save Change

What are trackbacks?

So for eg. If i write article about wordpress optimization plugins, in which i mention a web post where a good explanation to a particular plugin is given. Then given that the other side is also WordPress, they would recieve a trackball.

In this scenario, you could send a trackback ‘ping’ to that site, in order to get the owner’s attention. That person could then choose to approve the trackback. This would display an excerpt of your post and a link to your site in their comments section.

What are pingbacks?

Pingbacks in WordPress are what we call Trackballs version 2.0, you simple have to add the link to other site, and if the other site is also wordpress with pings on, then the other site would link back to you without involvibg the owner, though owner may revert the decision later

In this case, a pingback would immediately be sent to the site you linked to – as long as it also has pingbacks enabled. That site would then automatically check to verify that the pingback originated from your post (and wasn’t some type of spam), before displaying it as a simple link in the comments section. In most cases, pingbacks won’t include an excerpt from the post in question, though this depends on the theme that a site is using.

From your perspective, the trackback and the pingback work in a very similar way. The most vital differences are ‘under the hood’ – the communication technologies used are different. However, it isn’t necessary to understand all the technical details in order to get a sense for the advantages and drawbacks of using these techniques.

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