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The True Definition of ART explained by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek has been the man when you have to understand the right way of doing business.

Simon Sinek is a Motivational Speaker, who is Famous for his concept of Golden Circle and his New York Times Bestseller book called ‘Start With Why’ and his Ted Talk, which is 3rd most watched Talk ever.

He has presented idea of ‘Start With Why’ which means, in any business you have to start with a ‘why’ or cause, and you have to do marketing about that why only, not what you do. He says, why is the cause, and it cannot be money, money is the result.

Now as he is working on a new book called infinte game, he talks at a public appearance about the artist. He states that a artist is defined by 3 characteristics, ‘intention’, ‘display’, and ‘reception’

He says true businessman is also artist. Art and Business should go hand in hand. He gave a example explaining the 3 characteristics of art.


He states that if you have something beautiful like a wonderful looking painting. But if you bury it in your bed it is not art.


He says if there is beautiful looking piece of log. You want to present it world. But it won’t be called art untill it is displayed publicaly.


And 3rd, it should be displayed at a respectible place of reception. Like a museum.

Many a times it happens that you see a thing and say it is not art. For eg. You see a movie presented as art and say ‘this is not art’

That’s why. Absense of any of the 3 can make it a creative piece rather than art piece. 

‘Good Artists Create, Great Artists Steal’, Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs meant art is when you pick up something that was never imagined to be art is presented as art, people go like crazy, and then a true artist is formed.

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