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Fuchsia UI is Now Not Available for Public Testing: Secret Coding

Google the tech giant has Android as one of its biggest products. It has more than 1 Billion monthly active users and is the most popular platform for phones.

But Unlike #Apple, Google has not got much success in terms of wearable OS, tablets and specially not in laptops and desktops. The major reason is that Chrome Os and Android do not unite smoothly.

Google is planning a newer operating system with the name “#Fuchsia” It would be a unified #OS running on various form factors. And would be smoothly integrating the various devices. It wants to bring a user experience that people have with #iMessage on Apple.

#Armadillo which was the codename of Fuchsia UI was available to anyone looking to test it out. Armadillo was a #Flutter app, allowing curious Android fans to explore Google’s concepts for the new platform. However, the Armadillo demos and examples have been removed with a code change titled “Armadillo fainted,”

#9to5Google says the removal of Armadillo has been months in the making. Soon after the first five minutes of Fuchsia UI on #Pixelbook leaked, the Armadillo UI was replaced by Ermine, a developer shell that could only be used to test apps for Fuchsia.

There are 3 different #versions of the User Interface, probably one for each form factor of  mobile, tab, desktop. They  called DugonglassDragonglass, and Flamingo,

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