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Early Life Of Steve Jobs: How the Creativity Developed

Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, two University of Wisconsin graduate students. Without the consent of there parents they were in relationship. There Relationship continued and had a son. They knew before delivery that the kid needed to be given up for adoption. The only condition they kept was that the parents needed to be college graduates.The kid was assigned to lawyer family, buy on delivery day they backed out as they wanted girl. Paul Clara Jobs took the adoption and on 24th February, 1955, the a boy was born. Who was named Steven Paul Jobs. They were not college graduates.The #irony is that like his parents Steve also at the age of 23 had a kid before marriage, who was Lisa Brenann Jobs. Another irony was that Paul and Clara Jobs had promised to get him to college if his choice, but he was a dropout from college.Steve Jobs was very much attached to his father. He developed the attitude of perfection by his father’s craftsmanship. His father used to state, a good Carpenter would not put a lousy piece of wood in back if his cabinet. He would find the best piece even when it would be facing wall. At the age of 5 the parents shifted from #SanFransisco to #MountainView, #California.The Jobses’ house and the others in their neighborhood were built by the real estate developer Joseph Eichler, whose company spawned more than eleven thousand homes in various California subdivisions between 1950 and 1974. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision of simple modern homes for the American “every man,” Eichler built inexpensive houses that featured floor-to- ceiling glass walls, open floor plans, exposed post-and-beam construction, concrete slab  doors, and lots of sliding glass doors. “Eichler did a great thing,” Jobs said on one of our walks around the neighborhood. “His houses were smart and cheap and good. They brought clean design and simple taste to lower- income people. They had awesome little features, like radiant heating in the floors. You put carpet on them, and we had nice toasty floors when we were kids.”Jobs said that his appreciation for Eichler homes instilled in him a passion for making nicely designed products for the mass market. “I love it when you can bring really great design and simple capability to something that doesn’t cost much,” he said as he pointed it he clean elegance of the houses. “It was the original vision for Apple. That’s what we tried to do with the first Mac. That’s what we did with the iPod.”Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both were pranksters. Jobs is in his initial classes had his friend called Rick Ferrentino. They played many pranks. Once they hung up a notice for kids to bring up there pets the next day. The next day teachers unaware of it got totally puzzled when they saw in school dogs running behind cats.Steve Jobs was taught how to read by his mother before when he started to go school, as a result the things he learnt in school were felt boring. Teacher had to bribe him to get him to do work. Once his teacher give him a huge pile of homework and promises some sweets in return if most of it was right. He finished it within 2 days, which was amazing for that age of kid. She did not have the treatment to all kids it was that she bribed Steve only. Turns out she had seen some spark in Steve and was aware of his intelligence. She understood Steve’s caliber.He had a good #IQ also. In #WalterIsaacson‘s #biography, near the end of 4th grade Jobs was tested. Jobs said: ‘I scored at the high school sophomore level.’ This means he was a 4th grader performing at the 10th grade level. He was really good in his studies, and school even suggested him to skip 2 grades though his parents took only 1 grade jump. The bullying that #SteveJobs faced must have been too much for him at school because one day, he came home and told his parents that he “wanted to transfer schools or he would never attend school again”. After that statement, The parents agreed and the family moved to another city, which was Los Altos, California, where he was able to attend Cupertino Junior HighHe Was good at doing pranks also. That too related to electronics. Once he wired the whole home with speakers. As speakers can be used as mic also, he secretly listened conversation of his parents. When father got to know about it, he was scolded and he had to remove the wiring

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