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Elon Musk Superfan Hacks Disney Careers Twitter Account

So Elon Musk has had a bad year on twitter, even though he has many ither successful milestones achieved. But in the field of Twitter, there is another big thing that happened today.

This time not Elon Musk’s fault and he was not involved in it. It was one kf his super fans behind it. A assumingly big fan of Elon Musk hacked the Twitter handle of Disney Careers.

Disney Careers is a quite big account with wide base of followers. Now it was renamed with the name of Elon Musk. And there many statments made by the hacker from it

Some included the statement that he was resigning and others regarding bitcoins also

“I’m giving away 10,000 BTC to the Tesla community,” stated one. Another one by the hacker stated “I’m leaving the post of director of Tesla due to the recent decision of the SEC. All users can take part in the giveaway. Thank you for your support.”

There have been any incidences where Twitter accounts got hacked. Twitter has been taking some measures also. At one instance few months ago. Twitter miss understood Elon Musk’s tweets to be not of his own and by some hacker and locked the account, though ironically it was #elonmusk only who was using his own #twitter account at that time

The twitter a count of #disney careers has more than 100k followers and it had miss led them for quite some time. There was no instant response by the disney officials after the event. In recent times many Turkey activists have hacked many influencial accounts.

But it is unclear at the moment who was the #hacker in this case.

Aditya Agarwal

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