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Google: Won’t Be Evil, ditches Project Maven

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Google has a huge lead in front of world when we talk about AI capabilities. Google has seen many of it’s employees going away, due to project Maven. A project started in co-ordination with US Military, was based on using artificial intelligence to improve drone operations accuracy.

That Project when got public was a setback for all Google fans according to me. Google have there tagline as ‘don’t be evil’ and using themseleves for evil was no where according to there tagline. I assumed it to be start of Google’s downfall. Rarely does it happen that a company after giving up it’s faith in its own tagline survives. Like in case of Apple, they are losing there magic because Steve Jobs’ innovative vision went missing, though that they still to some extent think different, which is postponing there downfall.

I was more than certain that 5 years down Google would be on verge of bankruptcy. And that was seen echoing in employees also. Many employees wrote letters and request to take this back. Though Google unlike ego… I mean unlike Apple… have understood there mistake. Diane Greene from Google spoke up and told that Project Maven has been taken down.

Google has realused it’s mistake. Though I personally believe that AI itself shouldn’t exist, but Google also being tech company, the techies in Google see its positive side only. Anyways the Good thing is Google has somewhat did what was right. And i don’t think AI is wrong if Goofle can keep a check on it. Also I think tech is in there DNA. Proving them AI is bad won’t help in any matter.

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