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Mobile First is The Next Big in way we Search on Google

Google is the biggest name is search engine business. But to improve and maintain his level it needs to keep improving its search results and make it easy for people to find whatever they want.

Google in past some times took many steps for better consumer exoerience, including more prominently labeling sites not using #SSL as ‘Not secure’. They have now been working to actively priortise #mobile results over desktop results.

The newer #GoogleSearchConsole with Material Design 2.0 was launched few months ago. It is the ‘go to’ for any site in terms of indexing and search appearance. Now Google would be changing and iterating the way they ‘rank websites’ and would priortise mobile friendly pages, because people have been moving towards mobile first, rather than desktop first. They would also be improving the #UI for a better design language in accordance to #MaterialDesign 2.0

The ‘Ship and Iterate’ culture that ex-#CEO Eric Schmidt developed and wanted to be followed in all products is still prominent. They develop really great product, ship it see the requirment of people and then customize it further upon to fit public life.

“In general, we move sites to mobile-first indexing when our tests assure us that they’re ready,” John Mueller of Google #Switzerland wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

“When we move sites over, we notify the site owner through a message in Search Console,” Mueller added.

Though we believe that what google has done is still insufficient in our opinion. We appreciate there move, but we believe the radical most #paradigmShift in #search accuracy would come when the search becomes contextual. We have discussed about it in Why Google Should Prioritise Context rather in Relevance in Search

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