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Elon Musk Teases Boring Company Event on December 18

Elon Musk the controversial man on Twitter, has teased another event for Boring Company on December 18th

Without saying much, he simply tweeted a image displaying a Boring company tunnel, with the above given details. They are already facing delayed launch of the tunnel.

It is the date when Boring Company test tunnel opens up. They are running on a tight schedule for it. The idea of Boring Company loop lift, which is a elevator to take cars from garage to underground, connecting to the tunnel itself is also being worked upon and the prototype is now taking shape.

The initial date for the #Launch of #BoringTunnel was December 10th, but now 8 days late, but it is finally about to become real.

#ElonMusk stated regarding the tunnel, “Boring Company product launch on Dec 18. More than a tunnel opening. Will include modded but fully road legal autonomous transport cars & ground to tunnel car elevators.”

The whole #Project and #idea of Boring Tunnel is more of a ambitious idea, but Elon Musk has always been successful in acheieving what others considered impossible. This tunnel opening on 18th December, will give a glimpse of the way we will travel in future and add another feather to Elon Musk’s works.

Boring Company officials are constantly monitoring everything for the few mile strech of tunnel to see if every thing is working out and every link in the chain is right, as it should be.

As Elon Musk stated that the #BoringComapny will also be giving free rides to the public, after the opening night on December 18th.

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