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Tesla Loses Another Executive: This Time Digital Head to Google

Tesla has constantly lost its top employees to other companies. Yet another employee Parag who was Tesla’s Head of Digital Product, Design and Content has lost it Google.

He would be working on undisclosed project for a secret group. Thus proving how important person he   was. With a successful track record of, handling consumer experience as well as energy sales and delivery.

He was the man behind creating a company-wide product planning model; merging energy and vehicle product development teams. He was working really closely with #Tesla CEO #ElonMusk

#Google which is bigger and software priortising company would consider it a important asset for itself. There expertise in #AI and #MachineLearning which is industry leading might be further streamlined by him. Though as he is working on undisclosed project we won’t make any assumptions

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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