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Elon Musk’s Tesla to sue Saboteur Martin Tripp

Tesla does not wants to compromise its lead in terms of technology and top secret protocols. They want to sue #Saboteur Martin Tripp.

A l#awsuit was filled by #Tesla for the same matter. According to Tesla Tripp had stoles #properitery information really important for the company.  This information was given to hands outside the company and some false claims were also made to reporters.

They have charged Tripp of damages worth $167 Million. He utilized the software related with manufacture procedures at the Fremont #Gigafactory of #Tesla,  and obtained gigabytes of data

Tripp attorney Robert D. Mitchell said in an e-mail to CNBC: “The purported damage amount claimed by Tesla relates to supposed dips in Tesla’s stock price by virtue of the information Mr. Tripp provided to the press last summer.” He characterized the damage claims as “absurd.”

According to the wistleblower, he leaked the information not for personal gains, but in his words to expose Tesla and #ElonMusk. According to him Tesla was performing some mal practices including fitting punctured batteries into the car

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