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Without Even Trillion Dollars, Microsoft Overtakes Apple as Biggest Company

Apple recently became a trillion dollar company, and most valuable company according to stock evaluation. Now Apple, has lost its title to Microsoft.

This past week companies saw a downfall in there market evaluations. Microsoft also faced a dip. Though harder hit was observed at the Apple end. 

Apple has earlier this month lost its value to become again a multi billion dollar company rather than trillion dollar company in #StockEvaluation

Apple fell till $747 Billion. Well that is still a big amount, but this big amount is still second to the market value of Microsoft. #Microsoft is valued at $753 Billion.

This 6 billion dollar gap can be easily filled considering the size of these companies, though no one knows which side will the coin fall.

“We are off to a great start in fiscal 2019, a result of our innovation and the trust customers are placing in us to power their digital transformation,” CEO #SatyaNadella said in a statement.

While #Apple assemblers did not like that the #iPhone Xr had lower than expected sales. Moreover reports have stated that Apple had to restart production of iPhone X, as iPhone Xs and Xs Max faced lesser than expected sales. 

If you were wondering where is Jeff Bezos’ #Amazon

Then Amazon is 3rd in the ranks. The 3rd and 4th ranks are filled by Amazon and Alphabet respectively. Amazon is valued at $737 Billion and #Google parenr Alphabet is valued at $726 Billion. 

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