Apple’s AirPower Wireless Mat Allegedly in Production

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Apple on 12th September 2017 presented the concept of Apple Air Power, a single wireless charging mat that could charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time.

The concept was very much liked but then forward to one year later, Apple has seemingly just forgotten it. Apple has not talked about it for more than a whole year.

Though we still hoped in it, because Apple mentioned the word AirPower in the startup guide of the newer iPhones stating that the iPhoe could be charged on Qui Wireless charging mat and Apple Air Power.

Turns out now apple is bringing it unit shape. The apple air power faced many technical issues like overheating, slow charging or what not. There can be problems when you try to make a new product and we understand that. 

Apple Air Power according to some sources is ready, they have finally got the recipe to make the thing work in a manner perfect enough to shown and shipped to public. This product is now in manufacturing and is making whole lot of Apple fans excited.

The production according to some leaks has started after many delays in Luxshare Precision, which already manufactures Apple’s AirPods and some cords.

The product has a lot of capability because almost all Apple products now support wireless charging, and having 3 wireless docks for 3 products can make any consumer’s life difficult. AirPower’s single dock will charge 3 devices that is the #iPhone , #AirPods and #AppleWatch at the same time. Making the life less cluttered and saving space, it will also save people who don’t have 3 sockets in the wall to plug in 3 chargers at the same time.

Even though this information is just a roumours and biggest tech YouTubers have stated that they won’t get excited till it finally ships because of AirPower’s earlier hardships.

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