Apple September 12th Event, What To Expect: iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch

As Apple’s Tim Cook gears up for the September 12th Launch event, let’s discuss expectations, iPhone (iPhone Xs Max), iPad, Watch, iOS and Macs.


Apple is expected to launch 3 new versions of #iPhone this time around. The 6.1 inch model name is unknown yet, it would be priced in $600 range, would be featuring A12 chip, a single 12 megapixel shooter, and LCD display along with first generation Touch Id… ahem… i mean Face Id…

The more expensive 2 phones would be called iPhone Xs an iPhone Xs Max, and would be prices $800 and $900 respectively. They both would be featuring OLED panels, Dual cameras, more RAM and better Face Id.

They shall feature L-shaped batteries for efficiency. Featuring in 2 colors: Black, white and gold and ofcourse, as the tradition remains, they would feature the newer iOS 12.


#TimCook may introduce newer #iPad this time around. The #iOS code suggests that the newer iOS, would not support home button, as a result the newer iPads, shall move towards the bezel less era. This would stretch the screens further on to the edges.

Apple shall give the update to the iPads with newer processors and better specs for improved performance.


Bloomberg earlier this year reported Apple’s works over making a newer version of #Mac, which would take into consideration price effectiveness also. It is quite possible.

This is probably announcement of a new Macbook air. Let’s hope that it can present high cost effectivness

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple will present up 4th iteration to their #watch. The newer Apple watch would have bigger displays, and much better hardware.

Apart from this their would be software improvments and some pretty cool watch faces that look pretty cool. Apart from this it would include better sensors for accurate health monitoring. A wonderful feature coming is raise to talk for Siri. Also you would be able to listen podcasts with Watch OS 5


Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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