Apple I Computer: The Birth of Apple and a Start of New Age

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Steve Jobs was still in his hurdle and tussle to find his love, when he got exposure to technology. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had been part of Hewbrew Computer Club, and had a keen interest with the same.

And when Steve Jobs started Apple it was just a leisure, they were never too serious about it untill Apple 1 became successful, people at that time considered computer to be something that was more of productive end and less of personal use. And this feeling remained even in 2000s during Y2k bug, under which many people thought computers were dead.

Jobs became a Whole Earth fan. He was particularly taken by the final issue, which came out in 1971, when he was still in high school, and he brought it with him to college and then to the All One Farm. “On the back cover of their final issue” Jobs recalled, “was a photograph of an early morning country road, the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous. Beneath it were the words: ‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.’” Brand sees Jobs as one of the purest embodiments of the cultural mix that the catalog sought to celebrate. “Steve is right at the nexus of the counterculture and technology,” he said. “He got the notion of tools for human use.”

And this quote of “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” had caught him. What it basically meant was that: if you had hunger for knowledge then you would be called fools by many. You have to keep ignoring them because soon they would be jealous of you.

Jobs then returned to Atari, and was assigned to create a circuit board for the arcade video game Breakout. According to Bushnell, Atari offered $100 for each chip that was eliminated in the machine. Jobs had little specialized knowledge of circuit board design and made a deal with Wozniak to split the fee evenly between them if Wozniak could minimize the number of chips. Much to the amazement of Atari engineers, Wozniak reduced the number of chips by 50, a design so tight that it was impossible to reproduce on an assembly line. According to Wozniak, Jobs told him that Atari gave them only $700 (instead of the offered $5,000), and that Wozniak’s share was thus $350. Wozniak did not learn about the actual bonus until ten years later, but said that if Jobs had told him about it and had said he needed the money, Wozniak would have given it to him.

Steven Wozniak with his father’s #electronic  errands, used to #imagine his #life in future, where he had a computer with size of notebook fitting on a desk. Remember this was 1960s laptops were not a thing. His father said the computer will cost as much as house, Woz said, “I will live in apartment”

He #believed that there are 2 kind of people, one who is wealthy, strong muscular and work to gain power. And others were who wished to build the world. He was the second one. He always liked what engineers did. #Build and improve world. They make life easier, and help people accomplish 5 days work in just 4 days. He used to develop his own hardware wonders and codes and show them to public and distribute for free. He just wanted to make life for people easy.

Steve Jobs could find the opportunity in every bit and bite of it. Wozniak made a product and Jobs knew how to make money out of it, this happened with Blue Box, this happened with this chipset. And now it was the 3rd time. Steve Jobs persues Woz to sell the curcuit boards. Steve knew the value of code, and understood that professional work could not be done for free. He wanted to have funds to use it as fuel for there work.

This happened with Bill Gates too, when people started to steal his code, when he wrote what would become a famous letter to the club: “As the majority of hobbyists must be aware, most of you steal your software. Is this fair? . . . One thing you do is prevent good software from being written. Who can afford to do professional work for nothing? . . . I would appreciate letters from anyone who wants to pay up Woz was working as a engineer in HP and as discussed earlier about his nature, he was not interested to join hands for it. When Ronald Wayne came into play.

Ronald persued Wozniak to join Apple and proposed many ideas, Steve Jobs liked them to extent that he offered them a 10% stake in there company.

They required a name for there company, Steve Jobs and that time was going through his fruitarian diet and was going through farms of Apple, and decided to name his company Apple.

The reason was that it represented his love for fruits, and Apple would be above Atari in any alphabetical list. Apple Computers was found on 1st April 1976, and many people thought it was a April Fool’s day joke.

After establishment Steve started to borrow money really fast, and spending without care. Ronald Wayne remembered the heavy losses he faced in his business of making slot machines, and as a result decided to withdrew.

Ronald Wayne had some knowledge about writting agreements and legalities. He was the one who wrote it for Apple, and it looked quite formal. Later he submitted a form to withdrew himself from his position of partner and got $1500 for his 10% stake, had he sold it today he would have been in top 10 richest people in world.

Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs gave a demonstration of there curcuit boarda to Hewbrew Club. They showed of that there version was better than Altair, as they had all the components directly built in to curcuit, they talked about the version of BASIC that they have written. But it could not gain much excitment in people as they were using a cut rate process rather than going for Intel 8080, and having everything built in was good for general public, but hardware guys knew how to do it. Having a ready made board didn’t bother all of them but one.

Paul Terrel was a hardware shop owner who had expanded from a single shop to 3 in no time. He liked there idea, because general public wanted it. He gave Steve Jobs his card and asked tl remain in touch.

Jobs arruved at his place the next day, showing that he remained in touch with Paul.

Paul asked if they could make fully assembled boards not just printed circuit boards. Assembling them could be good for hard core hobbyist but general public inclined towards more finished product. And he was willing to pay $500 per piece.

Jobs immediately called Wozniak at HP. “Are you sitting down?” he asked. Wozniak said he wasn’t. Jobs nevertheless proceeded to give him the news. “I was shocked, just completely shocked,” Wozniak recalled. “I will never forget that moment.”

They needed some funds for investing and getting the neccessary parts. He took lone from father of one of his high school friend. He visited Cramer electronics and as you can expect a young guy with little to no experience in electronics was not worth taking risk. Steve Jobs called Paul Terrel so that he could confirm that Steve was offered a $25,000 contract.

Jobs and Wozniak, plus Daniel Kottke, his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes (who had broken away from the cult she’d joined), and Jobs’s pregnant sister, Patty all joined hands to make 50 computers that would become Apple 1.

The garage of Steve Jobs, the kitchen and lobby facilitated as area for carrying out production






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