Amritsar Bomb Blast by 2 People on Bikes in a Complex, 3 Died Many Injured

Amritsar has been a place that has been rebounding after the recent mishap where over 60 people died during the eve of Dussera when a train had run over them. Now comes another sad news from Amritsar.

The blast occurred during a religious congregation of the Nirankari, a spiritual organisation, in Adliwal village of Amritsar. The police had been on high alert already and suspected some activity, but this could not be stopped, eyewitness suggest 2 people on bike came up and upon entering the complex started uncontrolled firings, followed by throwing explosives at the crowd.

As far as now there have been 3 #casualities, and more than 10 people injured, the police is on high alert to ensure no more attacks can take place.

#Amritsar has this clash going for Demand of Khalistan, a seprate country for #sikh seprate from India. Around 250 people were inside the complex at the time of the blast, Inspector-General of Police (Border) Surinder Pal Singh Parmar said.

#police is investigating into the matter, there identity has not been confirmed yet, and police is trying to figure out the situation through various CCTVs and other source. Regards have come regarding the matter from all over the country. Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amrinder Singh also presented his concerns, in a tweet stated below.

We have all our heart for the victims of the event, may god bless the families of victims, and give them courage to fight this situation of going away of there loved ones. This is a serious failure of government, and government shall take the blame on its head, along with apology.

Amritsar is going through this bad time, of bad happenings that could easily be prevented with some carefulness along with willingness to act by government.

Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal

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