Adsense Explained and How To Apply For It


AdSense is the key to earnings when you are running a website, if you are planning to start a website, or have a website and want to learn how can you make it productive, then we will help you.

AdSense is a advertising network owned by Google, where advertisers to bid to put advertisments advertisments on your website, and in return you recieve some amount for it, though Google also takes it’s share out of it.

Their are many advertising networks that pay more, but AdSense is the best, it has the widest range of Advertisers and great algorithms to show visitors most relevant advertisments. As most people go through web via Google, it knows what advertisments would a visitor click, and know his taste

With Adsense you can select a broader range of ads or some categories for ads, but which individual ad will appear is not in your hand.

This also means that you do not have option to select price for advertisments.

Google has a bid system, where advertiser with highest bid will be able to show his advertisment over your website, and this increases as your website grows.

One thing importa to note, is simply looking at advertisment is just not enough, visitor needs to click the ad to earn from it.

Now their are some conditions required for Adsense, you should have a website which is quite obvious, you should be atleast 18 years old, you should provide your office or residence address along with depending on nationality some tax information also.

And then you are good to go right? No, Google would analyse your website, to see if your website is decent enough and if advertisers would like it or not. So it should have great content, we recommend having a Help page and Privacy Policy page for the same.

After being accepted you would be monetized, and can put up advertisments on your website, though some countries have a payment threshold of some amount, which means you first need to earn a definate amount, and then you will start receieving it, after achieveing that amount, you will recieve payments monthly on every 21st of the month.


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