Actor Rishi Kapoor Died at 67 due to Cancer

Rishi Kapoor Dies At 67 Due To Cancer Problem

Our Beloved Rishi Kapoor, who rules this industry for decades, is now no more with us, after his prolonged struggle with Cancer. Rishi Kapoor dies at the 67 due to Cancer.

This comes after the sad departure of Irrfan Khan who left us Yesterday. Bollywood fans are really sad as in no time 2 great legends have left us.

Amitabh Bachan and many other senior film stars and renowned personalities have started bidding Rishi Kapoor farewell, and are heart broken, after Rishi Kapoor dies at 67 due to Cancer.

The news of his death has been confirmed by the brother of Rishi Kapoor also. The evergreen star, Rishi Kapoor was admitted to a hospital about 10hrs ago due to health issues.

Sources claim, that Rishi Kapoor has went through 2 hospitalizations in Month of Feburary also, after having Heath Issues

The news of Rishi Kapoor dies at 67 due to cancer, is heart breaking, my hands shiver as I type this, as like all Indians, he was one of the greatest souls who rules Bollywood.

He was shifte from Delhi based medical facility to Mumbai, and sources had claimed at that time thar it was a minor fever.

Thought, i wish i could say that it was actually a Fever.  In late 2018, he had gone to New York to get treatment for the same

Whenever his fans raised questions over his health, and poured in blessings for his health, he would be overwhelmed, and would thank them all for it. Usually he would talk to them usually on Twitter.

His many movies have entertained an entire generation, and he had a unique personality, Status, and respect across the Industry.

With that we hope that after Rishi Kapoor dies at 67 due to Cancer we hope that his soul Rests in Peace.

Rishi Kapoor Dies At 67 Due To Cancer Problem

Rishi Kapoor Dies At 67 Due To Cancer Problem

His hardwork Dedication and Sincerity towards his work. He was adamant to do movies at this age too. He had signed to work with Deepika in the Hindi remake, of the movie The Intern.

His fans are sad by the fact Rishi Kapoor went in an unexpected way.

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