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To understand this whole situation we need to step back and see the foundation of the democracy
You might be knowing that there are four pillars of democracy- legislature, Executive, judiciary and free media.

You know the function of judiciary and free media so I would like to focus on Legislative and executive.
Legislative includes our Government, our politicians whose work is to make law
Executive includes our bureaucracy which comprises of our IAS officers and different civil servants.

Their work is to execute the laws made by the politicians
to implement them and to keep a check on their day to day working of their implementation
and it’s also their job to report in the meetings to the politicians about the implementations of the laws and the changes that need to be brought here.
They don’t have the power to make their own laws. They only implement and execute the laws made by the government.

The IAS officers working under the state Government in a normal state have to report back to the ministers of that state only.

This used to happen even in Delhi till 2015

but this is not happening after 2015, specifically after May, 2015
In May 2015, Modi’s central government issued a notice to Delhi’s state government
in which it was stated that all the IAS officers will no more report to Delhi’s state government, Delhi’s chief minister instead they will report the Delhi’s leftinent governor LG
This was a very undemocratic decision as Delhi’s LG is appointed by the central government
and people who have appointed the government by winning 637 seats of AAP, their bureaucracy control is taken away and given to the central Government
It was also said in this notification that the control over service department and the anti corruption bureau will also be given to the LG.
Services department has the power of transferring. appointing and punishing an IAS officer.

In every other state of the country, IAS officers report to the state government, it has the power to appoint or transfer the IAS officer but here all of this was given to the LG.
The root cause of all the controversies that happening in Delhi, I would say is this notification from 2015.
since 2015, chief minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejrival has raised his voice against it and even brought this matter in court.

one more situation I would say that this thing has escalated is the February 2018’s allegedly assault on Delhi’s chief secratory
Delhi’s chief secretary, Anshu Prakash went to Kejrival’s house, where Aam Aadmi Party’s more MLA’s were present there he said that he was slapped and assaulted.

Now police is investigating whether he was assaulted or not.

Police has taken the CCTV footage from the house and it’s been 5 months now and police is still investigating and don’t know why it’s taking long

after that we will get to know whether this incident took place actually or not?
but after this incident IAS officers and IAS association are very upset with Delhi government.
some officers from IAS associations said in the press conference that they are afraid after this incident.
They are afraid of meeting government officials that even they can face the assault and they don’t trust the government.

After this incident, IAS officers are not working properly. somewhere they have gone on strike.

I would call this strike as the alleged strike.

however the IAS officials are denying the strike whereas Delhi government and Kejrival says that they aren’t coming for the meetings and that’s affecting the work since the last 4 months

Kejrival- Some people were saying that there’s a lot of environmental issues going on and on the other hand Environment secretary is not attending the meetings since last 4 months.
Every 15 days meetings used to happen earlier, since last four months no meeting took place as environmental issue

What should we do? How should we do?

Delhi Government ministers says that since the last 4 months they have tried a lot to find out the solution of this through talking.

so that the officers start attending the meetings and the work in Delhi continue to progress.

In this matter Kejrival and Manish Sisodia both said that they have tried 4 times to talk with LG and requested them to end the officer’s strike and ask them to attend the meetings

but every time LG says that he will work on it next week.

but nothing happens every week. so since last 4 months he has been saying next week, next week

As all the powers belongs to LG, whom to appoint whom to transfer and all the officers report to LG only

and now after 3 years of longrl war in the court Kejriwal won the case and now all the power are under him
this all dirty politics is played by our prime minister as he tried he tried to create a hindrance in work of Aam Aadmi Party so that people would think that they are not working and they lose the faith of people

MY QUESTION TO PM is this”can they return the 3 years 5 months chaos in Delhi”
Arvind Kejriwal is still fighting case in superm court to get control over anit corruption beuro
We wish him good luck

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