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YOU ARE LIVING IN 1723, NOT 2023……..part 2

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Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC
Aditya Rishi

So…in the last I promised to upload n 24 hours but due to technical issues I wasn’t able to do that. 

My severe apologies for that, if you haven’t read then here’s the original

So continuation (no recap or anything about the past article, I’ll just keep moving because I can.)

Anyway here’s the calculation 

We know that every year has 365 days. In reality it’s 365.24219 days which is more or less same as 365.25 giving us one day extra every 4 years. But there is still 0.00781 days left which makes 1 day for every 128 years meaning we have to remove one day every 128 years, which the old calenders didn’t do

So between 45-1582 AD there’s 13 sets of such 128 years meaning there’s 13 days more. But we have newer calendar now. Sadly this one counts just 10 days out of 13 and since every one day here is 128 years this means there’s around 300 years uncounted for.

But we all know that those 300 years definitely happened and here’s the proof 

There’s many but I’ll give just one proof …..that will prove everything wrong 
World exists out of Europe too

So let’s say that Otto ||| and Pope Sylvester really created those 3 centuries and wrote massive amounts of FanFiction about Charlemagne and other rulers, how did they convince rest of the world???

If that was true then Pakistan and in fact entire South Asia wouldn’t be what it is. Why? Because Islamic attacks happened during this in India. If that was the case then they would have to convince Indians to create a religion that invaded them and many kings and resistances who defeated them. Would have to created bloodthirsty sadistic kings who lusted for power and money from central Asia and Middle East. Would have to create the king Bappa Rawal warding off these invasions so effectively they went back 6 nations and oh oh would have to literally create an entire religion, Islam. It came at that time. Would have to convince Chinese about rise Tang Dynasty and it’s downfall. Would have to create emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. And his succession to conquering China, that’s not easy come on. Would have to invent the Tibetan empire that was a central Asian superpower back then that came in that time. Unification of Japan and its capital being Kyoto. Oh and the katana was being developed around this time, if I’m right, then it wouldn’t exist either. They would have to convince ALL OF THIS. A LOT.

Tell me, is any of this even remotely possible at that time?

Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC

Aditya Rishi


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