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Right now, while writing this post, I’m in my school writing a beautiful content for you all. Today in our school we have IKFF celebrations, which stands for International Kids Film festival. I’m actually in the organising committee. I was waiting for Children’s Day for many days, though I knew it is on 14th November. First of all we have to dive right into the history that how Children’s Day was first started and by whom ? A great tribute in the remembrance of our true national political leader, #JawaharLalNehru for his love and kindness to the children. He is commonly known as #ChachaNehru, especially by children all over the nation. All over nation over nation this day children celebrate #ChildrensDay for their love to Chacha Nehru. This celebration is often celebrated in the schools by the school staff for some enjoyment of the children in one day of the year, apart from rest days of studying. Many sweets such as that of chocolates, barfi’s and others are distributed to everyone. Jawahar Lal Nehru had the faith and the courage that the coming generations will be their country’s future and if they cannot do anything for their generations to come, they will face a lot of trouble. He is also well-known for his establishment in the sector of better education and other additional facilities. He has worked day and night out considering his mind for the betterment of the future generation which will lift in our country. In many schools on this day, seminars are organised and so in our school. So in our school those guys have introduced the film Festival in which the students will be shown various movies, which are exclusively available only here. You are not going to find these movies anywhere in other theatres, neither on any website. These people have a YouTube Channel with the name #ikff. You can check them out there. But this is not the thing you should care about, now I’m going to show you with some of my collections for the status and images for this occasion, which you can definitely share with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.


Happy Children's Day Status (These images have been taken from an external source. These images are available for use by anyone.) I hope you liked these all images which are absolutely shareable. The first ever Children’s Day in India was celebrated on 1954. At first in 1954, October was the month in which Children’s Day was celebrated. Then 20th November, 1959 was appointed as the day to celebrate the day. Then later in the year 1989, Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birth day was celebrated as the Children’s Day. Now it is celebrated as the biggest day for the children around the country.

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