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It was easier when we were strangers 

Now that we know so much about each other 

How can I just pretend I know nothing about you 

When all I know is you only. 

Yes, people don’t stay forever 

But that was for ‘people’ right? 

Then why you 

When I thought you weren’t just “people ” for me. 

Now when I see you 

More than any other emotions it’s just me…. 

Proving myself right

Exit sign’s flashing

Palms sweating


“I told “


“I told, you would walk away”

I thought ‘you’ were the one who would prove me wrong. 

But there was no one better than you to prove me right. 

Some sleepless nights, 

When all I remember is you. 

You sleep peacefully as if, 

it was everything you could ever do . 

” Walking away ” was it really that easy? 

Might be, might be the for the one 

who never saw the beauty . 

For me it was like walking down never ending path…. 

Bare foot ,over million red burning rocks . 

But my foot never burnt, 

The way my heart did. 

                                                            ~ Adreezaa Das 

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Adreezaa Das


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