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Apple WWDC 2023 Summary: Vision Pro, MacBook, iOS, and more (Recap)

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Apple WWDC 2023 is one of the most jam-packed Apple Event since WWDC 2007. This was a historic event bringing major product and software announcements. This event is likely to bring huge growth in APLL stock price as well.

Apple WWDC 2023 Summary

With one of the longest ever keynotes in Apple’s history, the event included updates to Mac Studio, launch of MacBook Air 15″, and the debut of Mac Pro, which completes the Apple’s transition to Apple Silicon. Let’s discuss everything in detail, along with my opinions and initial thoughts.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro was the last announcement, a “One More Thing” special,  it was the most critical and valuable announcements. Yet, it was so ground breaking that it deserves to be discussed first. Apple announced there long anticipated AR Headset called Apple Vision Pro. With cameras fixed all around it, you can enjoy an immersive experience. This allows you to interact with real world and digital world seamlessly.

It uses the Apple Watch like design language to provide a digital crown that lets you control the digital emersion. In office environments it can be toned down to ensure easy interactions with your colleagues, while at home, it would make sense to be fully immersed in movie, seeing nothing but the movie.

As shown in the WWDC 2023, the Apple Vision Pro headset would be controlled by eyes, voice, and hand motion, requiring no external controller. Though, it can be paired with Magic Keyboard and Mouse for specific use cases.

Videos and photos can be experienced in 3D giving you an unbelievable experience.

The Vision Pro headset can be tailored to your requirements ensuring perfect fit. It uses various fabrics and breathable textile to give you comfortable experience. Bands can be easily adjusted and customized upto your preferences. 

It starts at $3499, and will be available next year in the US. More countries coming next year.


Now let’s talk one of the first announcements of the event with the Macs. Right from the start of the WWDC 2023, they seemed in hurry, announcing things one after the other, probably trying to get sufficient time for Mac.

MacBook Air

The Apple WWDC 2023 kicks off with the announcement of a refreshed MacBook Air with an increased 15 inch screen size powered by M2 Silicon Chip. With the optimizations made in macOS, it brings 18 hours of battery life, high quality speakers array, and more.

We now have 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Air along with 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro.

Mac Studio

Mac Studio launched last year receives an internal update at WWDC, embracing the power of M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips, making it the fastest ever Mac.  The M2 Ultra comes with a robust 24-core CPU as well as 76-core GPU, and various other things that are there to speed up video encoding, machine learning, and neural network performance.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro was the only Apple product that was yet to be ported to Apple Silicon, this shift comes at the WWDC 2023, completing Apple’s transition to Apple Silicon. It brings proper PCI expansion with ability to add various I/O and peripherals in the Mac Pro.

It brings 8 Thunderbolt 3 ports and various hardware expansion slots that ensure you can build your Mac Pro according to your preferences.

Operation Systems

iOS 17

iOS 17 brings some significant quality of life improvements. Most notably, if you AirDrop large files and loose connection with other device during the transfer, it will still continue over WiFi. Various features for calling were introduced, you can now create your own persona called “Poster”, that would appear on lock screens of other users. 

With on device intelligence, you can receive real-time transcript of any voicemail that you may receive on your device. Modern AI driven algorithms are supposed to improve the auto correct as well, ensuring that your spellings are always on point, we will see how it goes. 

Siri gets a minor update, where now you don’t need to say the hot word “Hey Siri”, you can just say “Siri”, which is a really welcome change according to me. 

iPadOS 17

iPadOS 17 gets everything that was introduced in iOS 16. Better widgets, lock screen customizations, and various other things in my opinion, aren’t really worth mentioning.

Though, the most significant iPadOS improvement was announced even before the WWDC 2023 event. That was the launch of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPadOS. If you are a video editor, digital creator, musician, or any other form of media producer, you will probably love this update.

macOS 17

macOS 17 which has been nicknamed “Sonoma”, rather unexpectedly brings widgets to macOS. Quite surprisingly, Apple seems to have heavily invested in Gaming on macOS this year. With dedicated screen time to gaming related features, Apple’s hardware is finally capable of playing games, but requires significant effort from the developers at the moment.

The Game Porting Toolkit is designed for specifically that purpose, allowing developers to expedite the conversion of their existing games for the latest Macs. 

Finally, Apple also brings a decent support for PWAs to macOS, allowing users to add Web Apps to their dock. 

There were pretty niche updates to AirPods as well, but those weren’t really worthy of being mentioned in our WWDC 2023 Summary


watchOS gets couple of welcome additions including 2 new watch faces. Wide adoption of widgets seems to be a trend with Apple, as iPadOS, macOS, and now watchOS level up the widget game with a huge array of powerful, interactive, and live widgets coming their way.

Compass gets various updates to help you better navigate when you get lost, with 3D views, along with guidance to find nearest cell tower in case you loose network connectivity. 

Conclusion for WWDC 2023 Summary

Clearly, this was a tech keynote unlike any other in many years. With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, new Macs, new iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, it was a great event.

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