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Sudarshan KumaresanLast Seen: Sep 4, 2023 @ 3:12am 3SepUTC
Sudarshan Kumaresan

Dear beings,

    ” Time and Tide waits for no man ” is a wonderful quote, until and unless it is not applied appropriately. It might seem to be a common phrase but it is still unfollowed by many. We, most of the times, procrastinate things and delay it, without knowing the lethal outcomes. 

Dont Waste Your Time Proving Others Wrong

       We humans, have a bizarre mindset. We believe to be the supreme beings of the universe and always wish to have our hands on everything. But we should never forget that there is something that is more superior to us a.k.a. “Time”. Time is something, we really need to respect. Because I say, ” If you don’t respect time, you don’t respect your life.” One may feel that time can be one of the things in life that can be simply ignored. ” Who cares? What big difference will it bring in my life if I waste one minute of my time ? ” You should care ! Wasting even one minute of of your life-time sitting idle and doing nothing productive, simply states that you’ve been a burden to Mother Earth for that one minute ! And that’s insane !!!

If you still believe that you can waste your time without any cost then check this out !

What are you doing now ?! Stop wasting time and do something productive in life ! Be a helping hand and not a burden to Mother Earth 🌎 because as I always say,

” It is now or never ! “

So keep progressing in life and don’t waste your time, until then it’s ‘You know who’ signing off ….

                                                     Yours truly,                                                         You know who 

Sudarshan KumaresanLast Seen: Sep 4, 2023 @ 3:12am 3SepUTC

Sudarshan Kumaresan


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