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Most online poetic websites have really bad-quality poetry. That’s why it is important to choose the best websites to read poetry in 2023 that have proper tools for searching, discovering, viewing, and sharing poetry. While the good poem websites often have heavy charges for accessing. It is very difficult to find websites with a great deal of poetry in various languages that don’t cost much.

As a writer myself, it was always a struggle to find platforms/websites with quality content. You should always choose a website for poetry that has poems in your native languages from wide variety of writers, costs less, and allows easy sharing.

Lucky for you, that I’ve prepared the list of 7 best websites to read and share poetry that would be ideal for your needs. My in-depth evaluations involved comparing all poetry websites based on ease of use, variety of poems, quality of poems, sharing capabilities.

Best Websites to Read And Share Poems 

NamePricingVariety of PoemsQuality of PoemsLink
MilyinFreeExcellentVery GoodMilyin
HelloPoetryFreeExcellentVery GoodHelloPoetry
WattpadFreeGoodVery GoodWattpad

1) Milyin – Best website to read poetry online

Milyin is a free-to-join and open-for-all platforms where Creators of all interests collectively create some of the best Creations on the internet. At Milyin, you can discover quality poetry, stories, articles, quotes, unique thoughts, perspectives and more. As a free websites to read and share poems online, it puts no restriction over the access.

Milyin is an ideal website for poets and poetry enthusiasts as it allows you to find your favorite poetry, follow your favorite poets, and interact with like minded community members easily. Unlike other poem websites, it makes interactions and community engagements very easy. With a diverse Creator base, you will be able to find Creations in many languages as well.

Unlimited access. Find and share as many poems as you like. Interact with poets, share with friends, and more.No mobile app
Allows you to discover new poetry using hashtags 
Wide variety of content in various formats 

Key Specs:

  • Pricing: Free
  • Variety of Poems: Excellent
  • Quality of Poems: Very Good
  • Link:

2) Commaful – Best for enjoying Poems in the form of picturebooks

Commaful is among the best websites to read poetry in the form of attractive images. Poets use images with overlays of text. You can easily browse through some of the best poems on the internet using this platform. It is ideal for sharing poetry with your friends and family as well. This is an ideal website to read poems online with ease.

Commaful is a poetry website with built-in autoplay feature is ideal if you want to have extended sessions of enjoying quality fiction work. Commaful supports fanfiction, poetry, stories, and comics in attractive graphic format. All content is classified in various categories that are ideal for finding creative writing in particular genre.

This poem website has a unique and interesting format for content is really enjoyable.As a imagery driven, it has poor reach on Google.
Less competition means newer upcoming writers get represented well. 
Straightforward UI is easy to use and get started with. 

Key Specs

3) AllPoetry – Best dedicated website to share poetry online 

AllPoetry, as the name suggests, is dedicated to poetry. Unlike other platforms that support various other fiction works, this platform is laser focused on poetry. You can use AllPoetry to find some of the best poems from popular writers worldwide. 

Being a poet driven platform, it supports a lot of young and upcoming writers worldwide. Many poets write exclusively on this website for poetry. You can find poems based on specific topics and genres making it easy to find most relevant poetry. Besides, poets can start their own fan bases and you can join them, making it one of the best platforms to read poetry online.

You can follow your favorite poets to find most relevant poems to you.Old site and really bad design is not visually appealing.
Interact with poems using comments, likes, and shares. 
Join various poetry groups, forums, and contests to meet like-minded people. 

Key Specs:

4) HelloPoetry – Best for enjoying high-quality poetry

HelloPoetry is one of the most respected names when it comes to websites to read poetry. It is a poetry website designed to be modern and has some of the highest quality poetry on the internet. You can use it to find authentic and original poetry. It allows you to interact and engage with the poets by reacting to any of the poetry online.

This poetry sharing website has a home page that provides some of the most popular, trending, and interesting poems on the platform to help you discover something new every time. It also has poetry on explicit material that is restricted by default, but can be viewed if you intend to do so.

Discover poems using tags of your choice.Invite only platform. Generally very difficult to join.
It also showcases some of the best classic poems in its ever-growing catalogue.Lacks options to interact with poets.
This website for poetry has native support for searching and finding new poetry online. 

Key Specs:

5) Wattpad – Best for reading original writeups

Wattpad is a popular writing platform that has existed for many years as a dominant force in writing books. Wattpad’s UI is designed for written content, especially multi-part/multi-chapter stories. You can use it to read wide range of poems. 

Wattpad is an ideal site to read poetry online along with saving and sharing the poems that you love. You can also bookmark poems that you want to read in the future. Besides, you can easily continue reading any poem that you haven’t completed reading. It is ideal for interacting with other poets and writers as well.

Largest library of quality content.Prioritises written fiction stories/books over poetry.
Allows you to save and easily access poems on this website. 
Really great recommendations based on your preferences and interests. 

Key Specs:

6) – Best for finding old poetry is a large database of poems and poetry from all times. It has embarked upon the mission to discover, preserve, and showcase some of the greatest poetry of all time. You can easily find information about some of the top poets and their poetry on this site.

This is among the famous poetry websites that also organises offline poetry events and showcases a calendar on their website, for you to join them. Besides, its homepage features a Poem-A-Day section that honours 1 great poem everyday, making it one of the best websites to read poetry online.

Ideal for finding underrated poetry.Old UI is not ideal for mobile devices.
Get to know historic authors and obscure poetry. 
Widest range of poetry across all subjects. 

Key Specs:

  • Pricing: Free
  • Variety of Poems: Good
  • Quality of Poems: Excellent
  • Link:

7) Pinterest – Best for discovering upcoming poets

Pinterest is an obvious choice that often gets neglected. As an image driven format with evergreen content, it is one of the best poetry websites for almost everyone. The ability to share and save pins is a really great for you.

Pinterest has one of the largest user base among all social platforms, this ensures you get exposure to a wide range of poems from diverse audience. Poems presented as images are much more sharable on your social media and personal accounts as well.

Unmatched variety of content in various langauges.No written content, all imagery.
Easy to use interface. Allows you to store your favorite poems easily. 
Focus on images make it highly socialisable. 

Key Specs:

Frequently Asked Questions for Websites to read poetry online

What are the best websites to read poems online?

Some of the best websites for poems online are:


How to choose the best website to read poems online?

Some of the key parameters that must be considered are:

  • Overall Content Variety: You should always prefer a platform that has a wide variety of content in many languages.
  • Quality of Poems: It is better to select a website for poems with really high quality of poems that you truly enjoy.
  • UI: Modern, easy-to-use UI that looks great on all your devices in crucial for truly enjoying your poetry readings.
  • Price: It is best to choose websites to read poems that are completely free and do not restrict your ability to read more poetry


Conclusion for best poetry websites

So, I’ve shown you some of the best poetic websites to choose from. You really can choose any of them to satsify your poetry needs. However, if you are more interested in some particular use cases, then I have my detailed conclusion below:

  • Choose Milyin if you want an overall balanced platform with tons of features and great variety of content
  • In case you like to enjoy images and prefer reading poems as images, Commaful is the ideal choice for you.
  • Whereas if you want to enjoy distraction free, hardcore poetry, you should go for HelloPoetry.

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