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Getting started in a writing career is never easy, especially if you are a beginner. Most websites, blogs, and writing platforms require plenty of experience and skills for entry. The open-for-all platforms have poor pay structures. That is why it is essential to choose from the best writing platforms that pay beginners.

We have done meticulous research and found some of the best writing platforms that can be ideal for you. Our study was based on earning potential, ease of use, and barrier to entry. 

Benefits of Earning Money as a Beginner Writer

Getting the initial push in any career is never easy. But, if you are a beginner writer, some of the best writing platforms can give you that initial push in your career. You must actively seek paid writing opportunities and produce high-quality content to become a successful writer. 

Some of the major benefits of earning money as beginner writer include:

  • No investment requirements
  • You can start writing almost instantly with not much training requirements
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Portfolio building for getting better jobs in future.

Writing Platforms That Pay Beginners

NameEarning PotentialEase of useBeginner FriendlyLink
MediumVery GoodExcellentExcellentMedium
Constant ContentExcellentGoodVery GoodConstant Content
TextBrokerVery HighVery GoodGoodTextBroker

1) Milyin – Best writing platform that pays beginners

Milyin is a free-to-join open-for-all content creation platform that helps everyone feel represented. It intends to be a stage for every individual’s unique thoughts, perspectives, and ideas. You can create content at Milyin in various forms, including articles, poems, quotes, and more.

Milyin is among the best writing platforms that pay beginners to create content on any topic. Your content gets monetized through a wide range of advertisements made available to you. You earn income according to ad clicks on your posts. It allows you to make withdrawals at just a $1 minimum payment threshold.

Allows you to start earning from Day 1No app for Android or iOS
Tools to customize your advertisement placement strategy to meet your earning goals. 
Various guides and knowledge base to help you improve your content and become a pro creator 
Easily interact with various other creators through chat, comments, follow/unfollow, etc.  
You can explore and enjoy a wide range of content from other creators as well. 

2) Medium – Best for professional-level writing is a popular and renowned writing platform that pays beginners and is often the preferred choice for beginner writers to earn money. It is home to many popular writers on global level. With robust tools for inserting media, embedding tweets, writing code, and more, it is a versatile platform for all needs.

It has a earning scheme, wherein you can earn through the paid visitors that read and interact with your content. Due to the high domain reputation of, articles you write rank high on Google quite easily. Besides, it provides you various analytics and insights for all your Creations, making straightforward.

Robust tools for effortless content creation.Highly competitive writers make things difficult for beginners.
Allows easy access to popular writers, and ensures you can interact/collaborate with professionals. 
Easy monetization, you don’t need to do anything to setup/configure it. 

3) Constant Content – Best writing platform for beginners to sell their content

Constant Content is a content marketplace where people can buy and sell quality content from a wide range of websites. With Constant Content, you can join in the exclusive platform for beginner writers, and start earning well. You can setup your preferences on type of content and the type of clients you want for yourself.

It allows you to gain experience in blog articles, product descriptions, marketing copies, eBooks, white papers, and more. You can join other teams and work in larger collaborative projects, or go solo, ensuring completely independent content writing.

Helps you connect with top brands in gain professional experience.Not ideal to make your name in the market. High reliance on the platform.
Native tools to manage multiple projects and ensure on-time deliveries. 
Lets you write at your own pace on niche of your choice. 

4) TextBroker – Best for freelance writing

TextBroker, like many other platforms, helps you connect with clients, and earn money by writing for them. It is one of the best websites that pays beginners for writing for them. You can use its robust network to find perfect clients for your needs. It works on a star-based rating system.

Based on review and ratings from your past clients, you are given stars that govern how well you go with them. If you are able to deliver consistent, high-quality content with minimum errors and mistakes, you will soon reach high levels and reputation that will bring you some very reputable clients.

Complete flexibility in terms of working hours and clientsOnly available in USA
Allows you to negotiate your own deals according to your preferences. 
Helps build your name, reputation, and word of mouth in the market. 

5) WordPress – Best website for beginner writers to earn money

WordPress is one of the best website for beginner writers, as it powers more than 50% of the website globally. WordPress is easy, straightforward, and robust. You can use it to start your own website or blog with ease. Having your own website as a beginners looks very good on resume, can be portrayed as a portfolio project, and help earn better.

Unlike conventional writing services, WordPress is an ideal choice to help you earn more. It allows you to setup Google AdSense, affiliate programs, sponsorships, merchandise, and various other methods to earn money. Since all the content is written in your own name, it is a great choice for earning as well.

Helps build fame and social reputation.Bit of learning curve in setting up website
Unlimited money earning opportunitiesRequires initial investment
Ideal to gain experience in on-page and technical SEO. 

6) Fiverr – Best for becoming an independent freelancer

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform that helps individuals like you meet the right clients. You can showcase your skills and allow people to find and hire you. It is a really great platform for all your requirements, so you should definitely give it a shot. Fiverr gives you a lot of independence and reduces the usual hassles of having to manage, follow-up and negotiate with the clients.

As a beginner writer you can provide services for writing blogs, emails, press releases, editorial articles, etc. With competitive pricing you will be able to easily recruit clients. 

Straightforward setup, ensured you focus on writing and Fiverr takes care of everything else.Requires some time to get initial clients
Get paid to write articles for a wide variety of clients and userbases. 
Complete independence over services you offer 

7) PopSugar – Websites for beginner writers to share personal experiences

PopSugar is a free spirited platform that allows beginners like you to write stories, individual experiences, stories, and more. It encourages equality and believes in providing inclusive content for all communities, ethnic groups, and other groups, making it the best platform for earning money by publishing articles.

You can write about your experiences with specific items, disprove someone’s claims, review films, or speculate about future occurrences, among other things. It necessitates that you write in a kind, cheery tone and guarantee that your material is enjoyed by all communities. 

Easily earn $50+ for just 1 articleNot really a good choice for building portfolio
Ideal if you want to share your life happenings and unique perspectives. 
You can find and interact with like minded people who share your interests in books or movies. 

FAQs for Beginner-Friendly Writing Platforms

What are the best websites for beginners to earn Money?

Some of the best platforms are:


What are the benefits of choosing websites for beginner writers to earn money?

Choosing the best websites for beginners to earn money can help you gain plenty of success and as a result help build a career. Websites for beginner writer


The Verdict: Writing Platforms That Pay Beginners

By now, you’d have realized that these writing platforms for beginners are ideal for you. You can choose any of these platforms. However, some of these platforms are much better than others. We’ve created the final verdict to help you make the decision.

  • Milyin is an ideal platform for almost all aspiring and upcoming writers; their guidance and tools can help you easily earn a living.
  • If you want to be a freelancer, TextBroker is the perfect writing platform for you.
  • In case you are looking for a highly customizable writing, WordPress is an ideal choice.
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