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YOU ARE LIVING IN 1723, NOT 2023……Part One

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Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC
Aditya Rishi

YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT and no you are living in 2023 and that’s undeniable and obvious BUT as per this theory….300 years of human history just uhhh….didn’t happen at all….what?

You don’t just live in 2023 but also in an healthy body and state of depression hehe


Imagine you’re a German in past century (put your hand down you’re not in THAT Germany for now) and your name is Heribet Illig, sounds like a scientific name for a weird Swedish fish but okay, and you’re a historian. So what would you do in your research?

Perhaps you’d prove how Aryan race theory is a myth to try to stop a failed artist from having his psychotic brain function a nation. Or maybe find the missing link between humans and God. Or maybe forget the research and try to escape the man who has a short mustache and talks with passion. But our guy Heribet Illig did something unimaginable and as a history enthusiast it offends me. Baffles me. Makes me feel emotions of hate I didn’t know I had.

Oh nevermind I reread Wikipedia and this was proposed in 1991, not around the crazy Germany times. 1991 wasn’t a good time for Germany either but you get the point. The above paragraph was funny regardless.

He came to a conclusion – after many many years of continuous efforts and sleeples nights of research – That 300 years of human history was a lie. From 614 to 911 AD  (well 297 years but you get the point) and everything that happened during that time was a lie spread by The Church and Holy Roman emperor to change the calendar. You will wondering “Why would they do that?” Well the answer is….complex. Take a seat and grab popcorn.

Before understanding this you need some things to know – Otto the Third and Pope Sylvester along with Byzantine emperor Constantine the Great apparently ate these years away. Yes Constantine the Great. This theory is just insane now.

Two – I Will have to talk alof about history and calenders. Boring it will be but you gotta read. History will be fun tho.

Three – Explaining all that then giving you the theory and explaining the theory then Explaining why it’s false will be a HUGE article. So I will divide it in two parts and the other part will be uploaded in 24 hours. It will be fun, bear with me.

So let’s start now.

Proof number one – Because Otto wanted to

So Otto ||| was a guy who convinced Pope he wanted to live in a year that was in a round figure. Why? It’s cool. That’s why. He is the king man, you’re not even close to him come on he could do that.

Oh no no it’s not me it’s Wikipedia and who says that.

Proof two – Western Europe Architecture 

So this one made a tiny bit of sense – 

10th century western Europe is filled of Roman empire architecture. But didn’t the Roman empire collapse in 475 AD? *don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry* If it fell in 475 then why is the architecture of that time so similar to Roman?

Proof 3 – Archeology

There is a good amount of archeological proof of Greeks, Romans, Saxons and pretty much everyone but not from time between 614 and 911 AD. Why? Because obviously Sylvester and Otto couldn’t replicate everything everywhere everytime they were humans after all. They had limits and they couldn’t produce so much false archeological proof for the satisfaction of Heribet Illig. So that is another reason.

Now prepare yourself for the most entertaining thing in human existence. CALENDERS!

Proof 6 – Calenders and manipulating it 

This one is a pure headache to understand so I’ll make it as easy as I can

Imagine you invent your own calender and you use it for some while. Now, let’s say that you notice that your calendar is a bit off and doesn’t match the actual seasons very well. You find that the first day of spring, when flowers start to bloom and the weather gets warmer, is not happening on the right date according to your calendar. Maybe 13 days before or after.

So you change it by a little bit and that leads to some more confusion. Then you realise one day is not 1 out of 365 parts of a years but instead 365.242196 days. Wow. Even more confusion. Over course of thousands of years this makes you lose some years. Then you change to new calendar totally thinking it will solve it and IT CAUSES EVEN MORE ERRORS

That’s what happened 

So we as humans currently use Gregorian calendar. Prior to that we had Julian calendar. There’s a Gregorian year and a solar year. 

Before the introduction of the Julian calendar by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C., the Romans used a 355-day calendar, despite knowing that it took about 365.25 days for the Earth to orbit the sun. To reconcile this discrepancy, the high priest of Rome occasionally added an “intercalary month” to realign the calendar with the solar year. However, these adjustments were often manipulated for personal or political reasons, leading to a chaotic and irregular calendar. Just like your life /s

It doesn’t end here

In 1582 the Gregorian calender had an update and back then, people noticed that the calendar they were using, called the Julian calendar, had a small problem. It was slowly drifting away from the actual solar year. In other words, the dates on the calendar were not matching up with the seasons very well. Especially Easter was falling on different dates on the calendar and also equinoxes.

To fix this, Pope Gregory XIII, (Popes will pop up in this theory alot) who was the Pope at that time, made some changes to the calendar. He introduced a new rule for leap years, which are the years that have an extra day in February. The new rule was a bit more precise and helped to keep the calendar year closer to the solar year.

Now, here’s when the concept of calendar manipulation kicks in. Some people, like Heribert Illig, suggested that the calendar reform was not just about fixing the small problem with the calendar. They proposed that there was a hidden agenda behind it. They claimed that the changes were made intentionally to hide or cover up a period of time that didn’t actually happen. SMELLS LIKE A GOOD TIN FOIL TIME JIMMIE (idk who’s Jimmie)

According to Illig, this hidden period of time, called the phantom time period, included several hundred years of history during the Middle Ages. He believed that powerful people or institutions made up this period to serve their own interests or to make history fit into a certain narrative. So yes there were no knights. No witch hunts. It was all a lie.

There is a mathematical proof of calender which I will explain in the next part because this is TOO much for one article you’ve read …. words already. I will say what is the mathematical proof and say why it’s false too.

Thank you so much for reading this and have a good day. Stay happy. Hope uou make your and your loved ones life better.

Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC

Aditya Rishi


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