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Hitman 2 is going to release on 13 November and there is a lot of talk going in market.Instead of calling it as a new hitman I will call it hitman season 2 as it is a sequel to hitman 2016 and there is not much change in it.Hitman 2 is made with same engine and gameplay mechanics are also same.Not much weapons are added and the ones that are added cannot be considered as a game changer. Hitman’s traditional sandbox killing way deserves a mention.Agent 47 can pick nearly anything and can use as a weapon .There are a lot of ways to kill a target and story focuses on agent 47’s backstory which he doesn’t remember.Ai can become shit at some points but most of the time its great. Gameplay:Hitman 2 ‘s gameplay will be similar to its 2016 predecessor, as Agent 47, a contract assassin working for the International Contract Agency (ICA), travels to various locations around the globe to eliminate high-profile targets. The game features six missions, which are set in six distinct locations.  One of the missions in the game will take place at a racetrack in Miami, where 47 must assassinate one of the drivers and her tech mogul father, while another, set in Colombia, has him hunting the leaders of a local cartel. The other four missions of the game were announced on 23 October 2018. The locations will be Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai , a suburb known as Whittleton Creek in Vermont , and the mysterious Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic . The game introduces concussive gadgets, which can be used to render an NPC unconscious, and reintroduces the briefcase, which allows the player to conceal and carry large weapons, such as sniper rifles, in public without arousing suspicion. The game’s announcement was accompanied by the release of a cooperative multiplayer mode titled Sniper Assassin , available immediately to those who pre-order Hitman 2. This mode will also be bundled with all copies of Hitman 2 when the game releases. [4] In this mode, players are tasked with eliminating targets using a sniper rifle within a set time limit. In addition to Agent 47, players can play as Knight and Stone, both of whom have access to unique ammo types. As with its predecessor, Hitman 2 will feature the time-limited “Elusive Targets” missions. British actor Sean Bean will portray the first Elusive Target in the game. Release:The game was announced on 7 June 2018 during a livestream by WB Games. [7] Hitman 2 is scheduled for release on 13 November 2018, although those who pre-order the game’s gold edition or collector’s edition gain access to the game four days early: on 9 November.Unlike its predecessor, Hitman 2 will not be episodic. The game will have two paid expansions following its release, adding locations, missions, sniper maps, outfits, and weapons. Gold edition owners will get both expansions at no cost while silver edition owners will get only the first expansion for free. So hitman is going to continue to amaze us but I have to mention there is not much change in it.Instead of cutscenes there are just storyboard and dialogues and on some points story becomes dumb . Following the events of Hitman, Agent 47 embarks on a mission to hunt the mysterious “Shadow Client” and disassemble his militia. His first lead is the location of one of the Shadow Client’s lieutenants, Alma Reynard. 47 is able to gain some intel on the Shadow Client’s activities from Reynard’s home in New Zealand before eliminating her. Impressed with 47’s performance, Providence authorizes him and the ICA to hunt down the rest of the Shadow Client’s militia. When 47 asks Diana why the ICA would be willing to work with Providence, she replies that both organizations share interests in putting a stop to the Shadow Client, whose activities are now causing a global panic. She also reveals that Providence secretly promised to her to reveal 47’s past. Following the intel gained from Reynard, 47 is sent to Miami to assassinate automobile racer Sierra Knox and her father Robert Knox, the owner of Kronstadt Industries. Not only have they secretly sold advanced weapons to war criminals, but they are also Providence members who defected to the Shadow Client’s side, presumably to protect themselves from his attacks. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Providence descend into consternation as more of their operatives are killed worldwide. Despite this, Providence manages to identify the Shadow Client as Lucas Grey, the former head of security to deceased Providence key-holder Eugene Cobb. Grey, now located in Central Europe, pursues his own plans with hacktivist Olivia Hall and insists that they need 47’s help if they are to dismantle Providence. 47 heads to Colombia next in order to assassinate drug lord Rico Delgado and his top lieutenants, who have been using their smuggling network to aid Grey and his militia. Diana reports the mission’s success to Providence while visiting the graves of her family in Surrey. Flashbacks reveal that she witnessed her parents being killed by a car bomb after they attempted to bring the company responsible for her brother’s death to court. Shortly after Grey steals an item from the Ether Corporation in Johannesburg , his militia use a hostage situation to publicly reveal Providence’s existence. 47 is then sent to Mumbai to track down and eliminate the pirates who murdered a Providence operative in Shanghai . After the mission, 47 follows Grey’s trail to Romania where he finds an abandoned Soviet research lab. He encounters Grey, who reveals that they were both previously kept in the lab to be raised as assassins for Providence. 47 regains some of his memories, remembering that Grey was Subject 6, and that they both made a pact to take revenge on those responsible for turning them into assassins. The revelation leads to Diana meeting with Grey and Hall in Berlin . Grey reveals that Ort-Meyer, the scientist responsible for his and Agent 47’s creation, was a member of Providence, who are controlled by a leader known as “the Constant” and three executive members known as “the Partners.” After Grey and 47’s original plan to take down the Partners failed, they decided to erase 47’s memories, though Grey was able to escape before his memories were wiped. Grey’s current objective to is to capture the Constant, as he is the only person who knows the identities of the Partners. His only lead, however, is that 47 knew the identity of the first Constant. Grey then reveals that the item he had stolen from the Ether Corporation was an antidote that may counteract 47’s memory loss. Initially reluctant to work with Grey, Diana eventually abides by 47’s wish to take the antidote. The antidote allows 47 to remember that the first Constant was a legendary Cold War spymaster codenamed “Janus”. In order to get close to Janus, Diana files a false report implicating Janus as the true Shadow Client while claiming Grey was just a subordinate, giving 47 pretext to infiltrate Janus’ home in the suburbs of Vermont. Investigating several clues, Agent 47 finds evidence that Janus was planning to meet the Constant at a gala held by “The Ark Society,” a plutocratic survivalist group created within Providence. Hall is able to pinpoint the meeting location on a remote island in the North Atlantic, but they find out that the Constant has implanted himself with a suicide chip that will instantly release lethal poison into his body if he is compromised. 47 is then dispatched to eliminate Zoe and Sophia Washington, twin sisters and newly appointed chairwomen of the Ark Society who each hold a kill-switch for the Constant. Once the Washington sisters are disposed of, 47 and Grey proceed to capture and extract the Constant. 47, Grey, and Diana interrogate the Constant, pointing out that by being captured, his life is forfeit to the Partners. Defeated, the Constant reveals that Providence is made up of the Ingram, Carlisle, and Stuyvesant families, with each family having a representative that serves as a “Partner.” As 47 and Grey head out to confront the three families, the Constant taunts Diana about facts she still doesn’t know about Agent 47. A final flashback reveals that 47 was responsible for the car bomb that killed Diana’s parents all along. Traditional hitman fans would remember that there are 2 ways to play it ,stealthy or lethal .In this game you can choose any way and kill a person by any way .

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