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Sometimes it always happen by chance, while other times you’ll actually struggle to get it. But to whatever happened to you, there will always be a sacrifice.

I sat down looking at the Veronica Mars Rodriguez I bought while traveling to Lagos. It wasn’t an ordinary massacre instrument, but also it can make you seeing the unknown. Some people even call it magic, but to me it was just a play thing.

I looked at it more than twenty-something minutes, but then I shrugged, well, it was a product of a company. Somebody sat down somewhere and created it.

Some people might even think he was crazy back then, but because the guy was that crazy of an asshole, or maybe she was a lady? Who cares? But whomever the creator was, I believe, he or she didn’t give up, and that was why I could buy the product. So I stood up. I stood up because I wanted to create something, I wanted to create my own stuff.

But there was a problem, I didn’t have a wife. 

But wait. Was it wife? Because as I’m looking at it, it doesn’t seem like I have a girlfriend. Was I? I shrugged. Maybe it is time to find a serious partner.

I dialed a number on my phone. It was my asshole friend.

“Hey asshole,” I said. “I think I am ready to get married.”

I know it was a surprised. And I can see it in my head, looking at my friend squeezing his eyes. Rumbling his stomach like a zombie. I smiled. This asshole friend was indeed a wonderful friend.

“Mr. Lasisi, can you…”

I didn’t allow him to finished what he’s planning to say. I wasn’t interested in anything. I just wanted to get married.

“Hey asshole,” I cut him off. “I knew you really liked me, and I truly appreciate our friendship. But this time, I’m sorry, I wasn’t planning to listen to anyone. This is a decision I’ve made. I am ready to get married.”

Before my friend find a reasonable word to attack, I cut off the line. He was a good friend. The best one I could ever get, I really admire him. 

After informing my friend, I started searching for a wife. I didn’t want a girlfriend. I didn’t want a serious relationship. I wanted a wife.

For a brilliant scope of having a friendship, someone introduced me to a group, or a group was introduced to me. 

I didn’t think much about it because I actually like a human gathering, gisting and celebrating up and down, sometimes those experiences end up being one of the best things that could ever happened to anyone. So I opt in. And I started mingling with the people of the said group.

What a journey. A joke indeed. I actually end up meeting the right woman. It was a surprise. A wonderful beautiful surprise. I met the love of my life, right where I didn’t thought it could possible. I smiled. Life is indeed full of surprises.

To the Youth Vibes I said, kudos to the people (single handedly or super handedly) that brings up the idea, of creating this beautiful and sexual-intra-magically brain-gathering botanical social gathering. May God blessings be unto you all.

They call me Lake Chass…

Because, I am Lake Chass. 

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