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Ultimate Record “You Can’t.”

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Isaiah LasisiLast Seen: Aug 14, 2023 @ 6:28am 6AugUTC
Isaiah Lasisi

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Being a long time, I have decided to stop writing for a while. But something about talent, you can’t beat it all. Always have a way of coming back.

Some people says I’ve given up. Well, maybe they’re right. But then, talking about passion, it seem at some point, everything changed.

So I sat down, looking like an ugliest asshole. I didn’t know what I was doing. Call it uselessness, maybe you’re right. All I know was, I didn’t have a clear purpose.

The idea of purpose? I shrugged. Who knows? Sometimes it’s actually sweet to have none. So I stay cool. Looking like the dumbest zombie. This is my fourth time anyway, I might as well make it blooms.

I wasn’t having a date. I was planning on getting a girlfriend. I wanted to have a family. 

Either it was a good idea, I can’t possibly say. But I was set on doing so. So I act. And the act lead to taking action. One point at a time, leading to a more active actions. It was actually a hell. But then it suddenly worth it. I met a wife.

At first I wasn’t bemused, but suddenly something spark my interest, the lady was a real badass, she has accumulated some skills. So I pay her more attention.

Now you’re going to feel weird. Because first time in my life, I saw a lady like me. Not a useless good-for-nothing bitches, all calling men an ugly freak. But a reasonable woman, sensible and calculative of how she’s being perceived, either from the world and or from the people around her, but yet not bordering about the pressure, of living her personal life. So I respect her. I respect such a lady, who are ready to give it all it takes, in order to achieve what is worth achieving. What a beautiful woman. Ultimate record, the whole point of ‘you can’t’, now turning to a beautiful memory, I thought I love her.

I stood up. Looking at the store before me. I wanted to buy a book, at least keeping it at my bed side. Anytime my woman is sleeping, I might be looking at her breast, pretending I was actually reading. I smiled. Naughty me. Then I crossed the street.

Lake Chass.

Isaiah LasisiLast Seen: Aug 14, 2023 @ 6:28am 6AugUTC

Isaiah Lasisi


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