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Explaining Simon Sinek Business Ideas Taking Examples From Steve Jobs and Elon Musk

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Simon Sinek is a Motivational Speaker, who is Famous for his concept of Golden Circle and his Ted talk which is 3rd most watched Talk ever and book ‘Start With why.’

Start With Why

He has presented idea of ‘Start With Why’ which means, in any business you have to start with a ‘why’ or cause, and you have to do marketing about that why only, not what you do. He says, why is the cause, and it cannot be money, money is the result.

You have to have a cause or a purpose for which you work. Simply beating the wall won’t break it, you have to challenge the wall. You have to have a dream and a purpose. The purpose is not earning money. money is the result. How many times have you heard articles stating this new business can make you earn this much in a month.

Probably many a times. Here’s the thing: You can’t decide a business on base of profitability. Profit is the result of whatever you do. But what matters is why you do the business, it’s the Passion that matters. Do whatever you love. Do whatever your heart says. Don’t decide on results, decide on causes. Now here is how I understand them, and put it into perspective with worlds greatest CEOs of the greatest companies.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs became a millionaire at 24, and was removed from company he found at age of 30. But still he loved what he did. He still wanted to do the exact same things, and as a result started new companies NextSTEP and Pixar.

Pixar today lives in heart of Disney, and NextSTEP software lives on core of Apple. In 1994, Apple had acquired NextSTEP to get the software and Steve Jobs came back to Apple. Had we went on for profitability he would have changed the industry. And today he would have not been known. We need to love what we do.

This would help us constantly persevere and move towards our love unidirectional. If I love writing stories on this platform then i will keep witting, if you love travelling then you have to go their and be with your love. Every heart has its own beat, and no status quo rules should bury it. Your heart will drive you to success and profit. No guide can help you to victory, because your heart is your guide.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk after selling PayPal to Ebay was sitting on pile of $130 Million, he could have bought a island and spent rest life over there. But he put all his money in SpaceX and Tesla, and went through verge of bankruptcy and now is worth more than $20 Billion, and that is a billion with a ‘b’ He did it because he loved what he did.

That’s quite obvious that starting a Space agency would be the toughest way to earn money in all books, but that was his love that drove him through it. That is the simplest recipe to success, their no hacks or ideas required when you love a thing, when you love what you do you are going to be awesome at it, and would be self motivated to work for it and improve it to impossible heights.

Now what is love, in most cases love is the last thing you are thinking about before going to sleep Do What You Love… Because the only way to great work is to love what you do

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