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Christeena SajiLast Seen: Jul 10, 2023 @ 5:00am 5JulUTC
Christeena Saji

In the depths of a wounded heart, a girl’s tale unfolds,

Of love’s sweet promise and its bitter woes,

With emotions raw, her pen shall weave,

A poem of love failure, her soul’s reprieve.

Once she danced amidst love’s tender embrace,

Believing in forever, in eternal grace,

Her heart bloomed like a flower, radiant and bright,

But fate had different plans, veiling her in night.

In the beginning, love painted her world,

With hues of passion, her spirit unfurled,

She soared on wings of dreams, her heart aflutter,

Blinded by love’s illusions, unable to utter.

But as time whispered secrets, truths unveiled,

The cracks in love’s facade, her heart impaled,

The promises spoken now ring hollow and frail,

The love she held dear, a ship destined to fail.

Her eyes, once filled with starlit skies,

Now drowned in tears, clouded by goodbyes,

Her laughter silenced, replaced by sighs,

Love’s cruel betrayal, her spirit chastised.

She offered her heart, a gift so pure,

But it was cast aside, trampled, unsure,

The pain she carries, a burden untold,

Love’s failure etched upon her soul so cold.

But within this darkness, her strength will rise,

A phoenix emerging, with fierce, fiery eyes,

For love’s failure does not define her worth,

She’ll heal her wounded heart, find solace on earth.

With each tear shed, she reclaims her grace,

Cleansing the wounds, healing at her own pace,

For love’s failure, though it bruises and scars,

Does not extinguish the light of her eternal stars.

She gathers the shattered pieces of her heart,

Treasuring the lessons, embracing a fresh start,

She learns that self-love is a love profound,

A sanctuary within, where healing is found.

In time, her heart will learn to trust once more,

To open its doors and let love explore,

But this time, she’ll tread with caution and care,

For love’s failures taught her to be aware.

And as she stands tall, a warrior reborn,

She finds strength in the lessons she’s drawn,

No longer defined by love’s transient pain,

She blossoms anew, her spirit aflame.

So, let her be an emblem of resilience and might,

A testament to the power of love’s blight,

For even in failure, she finds her way,

To a love that will lift her, where her heart will stay.

This girl, with her emotions laid bare,

Finds solace in knowing that love’s failures dare,

To shape her into a woman fierce and wise,

Her heart, resilient, as it soars through the skies…

Christeena SajiLast Seen: Jul 10, 2023 @ 5:00am 5JulUTC

Christeena Saji


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