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The power of Dreams…

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Christeena SajiLast Seen: Jul 10, 2023 @ 5:00am 5JulUTC
Christeena Saji

In the realm of slumber, where reality fades,

Lies a world of wonder where dreams are made.

With colors unseen and visions untold,

The power of dreams unfolds, a story to behold.

In sleep’s gentle embrace, our minds take flight,

Unbound by limits, reaching great heights.

Imagination dances, and creativity soars,

Dreams become the canvases where life restores.

Dreams are whispers from the depths of the soul,

A language of hope that makes us whole.

They paint the future with vibrant hues,

Inspiring the heart to pursue what it views.

In dreams, we find solace, a haven of peace,

A respite from the burdens that never cease.

For in those moments, we transcend the mundane,

Exploring new frontiers, breaking every chain.

Dreams give birth to courage, igniting the fire,

Fueling ambition, fueling desire.

They challenge our limits, pushing us beyond,

To manifest the impossible, to dare to respond.

Through dreams, we learn to believe in ourselves,

To navigate through life, despite its swells.

They teach us resilience, perseverance too,

As we chase our aspirations, our dreams anew.

For every great achievement, every feat,

Once existed as a dream, so pure and sweet.

From towering structures that touch the sky,

To symphonies of passion that make hearts sigh.

Dreams weave the tapestry of human existence,

Guiding our steps, instilling persistence.

They remind us that within lies the power,

To shape our destinies, to bloom like a flower.

So, embrace your dreams, with ardor and might,

Let them guide you through the darkest of night.

For within your slumber, miracles are found,

And the power of dreams knows no bounds.

In the ethereal realm where fantasy resides,

Lies the gateway to a world where greatness abides.

Unlock the treasures that sleep unveils,

And let the power of dreams unfurl its tales….

Christeena SajiLast Seen: Jul 10, 2023 @ 5:00am 5JulUTC

Christeena Saji


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