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A horror house

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A horror house 
There was a house and near there many small small houses there one day birthday party was going in a house birthday of a girl who is no more only her painting was there and photo family members were celebrating birthday in her remembrance made a cake and at night a girl came out of painting and ate cake and came out and fired one small house next day people were shocked 2 nd night again she came out of painting and walked all over house a scary noise came and a scary music started and scared the kids who waked up next day that kids say he saw that girl in painting but no one believes and again at night girl came out of the painting destroyed many small house burned houses and scared many people they goes to master and says that to put that painting in closed room and the girl in painting commited sucide because her family wanted her to marry but she loved other guy and didn’t wanted to marry so other than her dreamed man so she committed suicide and that’s why she scares everyone and next day family puts painting in closed room


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