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Her survival….

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In the depths of despair, she found her voice,

Speaking her truth, making a choice,

To expose the darkness, to seek justice true,

Not only for herself but for others too.

She walked a path of healing and grace,

Embracing scars as part of her embrace,

Each step a testament to her inner might,

As she reclaimed her worth, bathed in self-light.

No longer a victim, she became a force,

An advocate for change, a guiding source,

Through her pain, she found empathy’s call,

Extending a hand to those who may fall.

She shattered the cycle, broke free from the chains,

A beacon of hope amidst lingering pains,

Her story a reminder of strength untold,

That even in darkness, one can unfold.

Let us stand beside her, hearts intertwined,

With compassion and love, forever aligned,

For every survivor who’s faced the storm,

We stand as one, their spirits reborn.

May her journey inspire those who hear,

To fight for justice, to hold truth dear,

And as we unite in empathy’s embrace,

We strive for a world where love takes its place.

For the girl who survived, her spirit unbound,

A testament to resilience, profound,

May her story echo, a beacon of light,

Guiding us all to what’s just and right….

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