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In the realm of lost love, I shall delve,

A tale of a heart that deeply felt,

Where care once bloomed, now turns to ash,

The anguish of a relationship that did not last.

Once upon a tender time so dear,

A man, with kindness, wiped away each tear,

His love, a shelter in the stormy night,

A beacon of hope, an unwavering light.

But alas, fate’s cruel hand intervened,

And the bond we shared began to wean,

A love that once blossomed, now started to fade,

Leaving behind memories that eternally pervade.

Oh, the ache that dwells within my chest,

As I yearn for the touch that I once possessed,

The warmth of his embrace, a distant dream,

A cherished love lost in the vast extreme.

The echoes of laughter and whispers shared,

Now drowned in silence, a love left impaired,

Like fragments of a shattered porcelain heart,

We drift apart, forever worlds apart.

Yet, the pain, oh how it lingers on,

A haunting melody of what is gone,

For a love that was true and oh so rare,

Now exists as a bittersweet affair.

But in this sorrow, strength shall arise,

From the ashes of love, a phoenix flies,

To heal the wounds, to find new grace,

And let the past’s ghosts find their resting place.

For though the pain may forever reside,

In the depths of my soul, a scar so wide,

I’ll emerge stronger, with lessons learned,

A love that was lost, but a heart that yearns.

So, farewell to the love that once was mine,

A chapter closed, but a spirit will shine,

For in the tapestry of life’s intricate art,

Love’s legacy remains, etched within my heart.

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