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There was girl named Kia who was so helpful who always help others a very kind human in her school she knew a girl who had problems with studies she told her mom to help her in studies she and her mom teached her for free and even teach her free dance and also study with her got her good marks Kia mother use to give free education books for needy who can’t afford and gave extra time for studies Kia mother helped that girl in studies teaches for free even give free books classes and Kia mother also helps other who are ill by natural ways she treats other with illness and make fits they are always helpful for all problem and also teaches yoga for free to get active and healthy and even free meditation for relaxing mind they always help other in every problem her mother also give free education to her friends and help them in the projects also pay fees for some child for hobby classes and in Kia birthday her mother distribute other dress and even adopted a village for providing electricity and water to reach that village and also does charity and looks after ngo kids meets them in there birthday spend time with them and also given air conditioner to them for summer season and makes sure nobody has any problem and looks after them

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