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Here’s The difficult life of YouTube Creators with increasing competition


16th October 2023 | 93 Views

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With increasing competition among YouTube Content Creators there exists increasing stress and pressure in their life. When Elle Mills was growing up here dreams were full of she being Youtuber. Today that is true, her unconventional style made her popular. But she states, “Physically, I remember feeling always stressed. There was never a time I felt relaxed,” she said. “I remember walking outside and thinking, ‘What’s the point?’ Same is true with many other YouTubers. Many Youtubers try to be consistent with their videos and insure that they can get more views and income. It is true that the more you grew, the more you face the heat, and people like the idea of being Youtuber which unlike job would allow own rules and comfort of home. But that is not true. Youtubers face difficult time. At lower level they find difficult to gain audience, with stricter rules for monetization this year, Google has made being Youtuber and being ellegible to earn income through adsense more difficult at lower level. Once you qualify, you have to face competition and do your best to warn more and make new trends else you shall go out of trend. The result is office like frustration and also tricks like click baits. Click Baits are what we call false claims to get more viewership, and are basically fake. These are all results of this result based YouTube, a great platform is getting disrupted because of competition. The top level of Youtubers face lot of trouble due to the same. Could there be a system where the pay percentage depended over the likes, it can The increasing competitive has made YouTube a mainstream source of income, rather than being activity of some passionate people interested in making videos. It is a whole profession, but it is not given its due credit. There is no job security as you get when you work in company, and if you consider Youtubers as startup then start up funds, and loan schemes are not available for them. The result is that Youtubers at lower level face lot of difficulty, for they don’t have support, and upper level has competition without rules. Should being YouTuber be considered as a profession?

Akarshit Mahajan



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