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Adventured in hundreds of books in 10 years, here’s few books I say YOU should read

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Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC
Aditya Rishi

Disclaimer/Notice as Provided by the Content Creator
Disclaimer - This is just my suggestion and I am in no way responsible if anyone doesn't feel the same way I do after reading this or has same effects as I said

Fear Not : Be Strong 

It’s been 3 years I read this book in one sitting and I recommend this to everyone. Such treasured wisdom in one short book and no bullshit like other authors is almost impossible to find. This made me more brave, mentally strong and stable in one afternoon and even today I find myself going back to this book once in a while.

This book is written by an underrated philosopher and spiritual leader, Swami Vivekananda, and he talks about being strong and fearless yet calm and soft. To Be as hard as rock and as flexible as water. I can’t stress enough how useful this book was for me and I was 17, this book became a life changer for me once I completed my high school. I’ll mention a few quotes for you to better understand this book 

“The true man is he who is strong as strength himself yet posseses a woman’s heart”

“All bondage is imaginary, speak one word to it and it shall vanish” (SO TRUE)

So yes, I recommend everyone to read this book. It’s short, simple easy and quick yet full of strength. Go read it

A link to buy the book (may not work in some countries) –

1 – Art of War

Contrary to what it’s name suggests, this book talks opposite of it. As if the author is telling you to avoid battle. He gives immense wisdom on how to win without fighting. This isn’t for War but for everything I  life. Read this, you’re life will be easy. It’s not a book but a piece of art.

2 – 48 Laws of Power

When you get your hands on a book that was banned by multiple governments in strictly controlled places, you know it’s a big deal. This book is so powerful it is banned by many governments in prisons, some schools don’t let their students read it and I once met a historian who said many historians are shocked by it. Every corrupt politician wants you to not read this book.

Why? Well it tells you exactly how evil ways shape way to get a person in power. It yells how powerful psychopaths bend the thinking of people to get their way. It serves as a weapon against a tyranny, as a tool to understand politics that rule over you.

The point of this book is actually to tell you how to remain in power once you have it and how to get in power through tricks psychology and human nature,  but a smart reader gets 10 lessons from each line he reads. The author does a fantastic job in compiling exerpts from history to give examples of each law/chapter and this is a book that you’ll find very very hard to put down once you’ve started reading it, if you’re someone who is into things like this.

If you wish to be helpless in a tyranny, to be bounded by lies and manipulations of politicians, to be manipulated by anyone, to be controlled not by you but someone else all the time – Don’t read it……….

         ….if you desire to know the dark secrets of human mind, society, politics, to be free from lies of them, to be able to identify manipulators and to be full control of your life – This is your book to read

3 – Richest Man In Babylon

In case you didn’t know, Babylon was an ancient ancient ancient city on the banks of river Euphrates in the land that is today known as Iran. Now since it was a city aka a society it had businesses and trades and a functional economy, because that’s how societies work. No society can function without some form of buisness or trade within it’s people. And when there’s buisness there’s competition of businesses. When there’s competition there’s a person who wins it. This is the book that describes the lessons taken from the man who was winning in businesses of Babylon 

It’s undigestible yet true how the lessons from oldest buisness still run right and well even in this day and age despite the fact that every buisness has changed so much. Every part of the book is so simple to read and filled with easy to understand and apply lessons. One can complete this book in less than a day and stand up with better understanding of buisness than most of these instagram “gurus” 

4 – I Will Teach You To Be Rich 

Hmmm…….this book scares me.

One book no bullshit and 2 months to be rich. Nothing else. It may seem impossible but THEN THERE’S THIS BOOK.


So the author, Ramit Sethi, knows all tips and tricks to be rich and he writes it in a mind blowing fashion in this. He goes the unconventional way, the unexpected way to to it and he is all right in his way. I saw a friend go from 0 to 20,000 dollars buisness in 5 months by this simple book. If you have read a million entrepreneur books and you haven’t read this then you just wasted your time. I assure you this book is one shot to hundreds of thousands in one year, if everything goes right. The potential this books carries is absolutely phenomenal and it’s so good it’s almost scary.

Yes. Read it. Wish to get rich? This book. To drop college and do something? I wouldn’t you do that but yes, this book. Want to start a side income and make it successful? THIS BOOK. I CAN’T STRESS IT ENOUGH BUT JUST TAKE THIS BOOK

5 – Principles by Ray Dalio

It’s not easy to find a book that is as effective as this one, imagine being the founder of the biggest asset management company on earth. That’s hundreds of important decisions going right in every way almost every day; one wrong decision in any direction means you’re screwed. Now imagine doing this for more than 40 years. That’s Ray Dalio. This is his book.

It’s insane.

He draws lessons from his life, his wisdom, experience and his exquisite intellect. He talks simply and it doesn’t feel like he is writing a book but rather feels like he is talking. He could be the best mentor anyone could have in this day and time and with his mind I’m sure he must be to someone.

We all know how many billionaires have always sold their morality for money, but this is definitely someone who hasn’t. He has written his book so well it feels like he is walking us down on a path to being a better person and having better lives personally. This book is so so well written with it’s ideas totally clear, it’s lessons absolutely effective I read it entirely in one sitting despite being a long read. A friend of mine, I made him read the summary of this book and he was so moved by it he implemented it within two years he went from being an academically weak student to getting a complete scholarship in Canada and having a job in IT department. I read it an year ago and I’m  still impressed by it. 

Just go read it right away. Now. And if you’ve lost patience and are about to close this tab/app and maybe watch some tiktoks – READ IT NOW.

6 – Beyond Good And Evil 

A classic on philosophy by one of the best philosophers ever, Nietsche. If you’re reading this book, you’ll have a best roller coaster ride of your life. The roller coaster is your mind here.

So there’s its good, or it’s bad. Everything is either good or bad. Nice or naughty. Usefull or useless. Nietsche argues otherwise and makes the reader question his or her whole sense of morality in this book and gets lost in the ideas of a philosopher. It challenges the reader to think the ways that reader never knew of and to be our true inner self that almost no one on social media can come close to. Everyone says “Be yourself” but nobody does it as good as he did, they all are just saying what they felt good without any mind boggling level of pondering spent over it like Nietsche does. Few are the books that actually take you to journey deep within your mind and soul and this is one of them. And the quotes of this book speak volumes of its quality.

Overall yes, you should read this book but beware – it may melt your mind and take you on a journey higher than any drug.

7 – Be Here Now

Say you read the book above and now need to mend your brain. What books can you read? This book by Ram Das might be the best answer. You see, we are in an age where our morality and consciousness are under attack by many forces and that keeps us mentally disturbed. This book is a journey that helps you feel like you have a pure connection with God.

When the biggest genius of this century suggests something, you listen. Arguably the biggest one of our time must be Steve Jobs and he read this book and had to say that it transformed him and many of his friends, which just speaks quality of its contents. When I read this book I was completely mesmerized by the way it was written, simple yet so complex. Senseless yet logical. Enticing yet calm. Silly yet profound. 17 year old me felt this tok much to handle and I still remember how I felt my mind to frolic in the pages of this book.

One of the few books I recommend you to read when you’ve lost all patience with yourself and are at a point where you feel as if you need God to help you. This book is beyond words for me, it even has diagrams to explain you better (yes it’s a very complex book)

Yes. Read it, definitely read it. Not if you’re younger than 15, it can be harmful to your brain’s understanding but definitely a must read that will calm and soothe your mind.

So yes these are 8 books that I think YOU must read as soon as you can and thanks for reading all this. May God bless you, dear reader.

Ps – Perhaps you want to know more. Perhaps you are interested in discussing about buisness with me. Anything it could be, feel free to text me anytime 

@aditerra_techa on inst

Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC

Aditya Rishi


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