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Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC
Aditya Rishi

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Ahh….the age old philosophical question again. A question  we all asked at least once in our lifetimes.

I have studied the works of countless philosophers in my life and I decided that it’s best explained in their words. So here are few answers that I got from them 

1 – The Great Gautam Buddha

Of course there is no better philosopher than him and his answer may sound rude, dark and sad, illogical even. But his answer feels…..weirdly right

“Life is suffering” – Gautam Buddha 

Same idea also comes in Hindu scriptures but he improvised it in his words

2 – Nietsche

As the legend,  his answer seems very similar to Buddha but he made it bit more better 

“To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” – Nietsche 

3 – Albert Camus

Perhaps the most……different of all mainstream philosophers. He simply said everything is absurd and absurdity is life!

“Life is the constant struggle between the absurdity of the world and our relentless search for meaning and purpose.” – Albert Camus

4 – Jean Paul Sartre

Yes this one may seem the truest one, his books are great go read them

“Life has no inherent meaning; it is up to each individual to create their own purpose and essence.” – Sartre

5 – Immanuel Kant

One of the most if not the most influential in western philosophy, his answer is 

 “Life is a journey of moral self-improvement, guided by reason and the pursuit of universal moral principles.” – Kant

You Kant disagree with this

6 – Descartes

Studying western philosophy and not studying him is stupidity. He was a mathematician a physicist AND philosopher. Smart dude 

“Life is the interaction between the mind and the body, where consciousness and self-awareness emerge.” – René Descartes

7 – Lao Tzu

Chances are you’ve never heard of him. This man from China dropped philosophy bombs back when Rome wasn’t even a republic. He said it wonderfully and I quote 

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward.” – Lao Tzu

8 – Rabindranath Tagore

This man was amazing. He fought against British in India, wrote national anthem of 3 countries, wrote massively influencing books, got the nobel prize, was knighted by British and then HE RETURNED IT BACK

He said it so beautifully that 

 “Life is a continuous dance of love and beauty, an exploration of the human spirit and its connection to the universe” – Rabindranath Tagore

9 – Jiddu Krishnamurthi

Yes, you haven’t heard of him. That’s why I’m here. Most bold and mind blowing philosopher, way ahead of his time. Mind boggling books. Life changing ideas. He said it so well

“Life is the canvas upon which we create our own suffering through attachment and desire, but also the canvas upon which we can find freedom and transformation.” – Jiddu Krishnamurthi

Perhaps pinful yet beautiful, isn’t it?

10 – Søren Kierkegaard

See, if you’re in pain. Or in struggle. Problematic Life. Crossroads. Suffering constantly in life. He will have your back. He said in heart touching way

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” – Kierkegaard


11 – Bonus

See, the man who said – Osho – Some people say he’s very controversial. I don’t know anything about him but this one is just so so peaceful 

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Osho

So calming might make you cry. Stay happy stay healthy everyone.

Aditya RishiLast Seen: Aug 2, 2023 @ 5:29pm 17AugUTC

Aditya Rishi


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