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Panchkula to Burst the Tallest Ravana Ever- 215 Feets

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History in the making!!

My city, Panchkula is going to display and burst the biggest Ravana ever made. It’s crazily 215 Feels.

I could not believe, it’s such a huge Ravana.

As I live in the same city, I went yesterday to the place where this Ravana was on it’s end to be made.

Ravana will be displayed for 5 days in Panchkula for the Dussehra Ceremony.

Tejinder Singh Chauhan, the effigy maker and the president of the Sri Ram Lila Club, said that the evil face itself weighs 300 kilograms and is made up of fibre glass.

It is also said that this Ravana will have led’s on its face.

This Ravana is made up with 7000 kilograms of Bamboo, 600 kilograms of Paper, 200 kilograms of gum and 25 quintals of iron frame, which is great.

This time crackers put in this Ravana have been much exceeded.

Panchkula Ravana

People will really enjoy this…

You will be surprised to know that this Ravana took 30 lakh Rupees to be built, which is a hell lot of money.

Though the Dussehra is on 19th October, but the evil will stand on its base from 15th of October.

Earlier, as you know, Barara was the town where this Ravana set up, but this time because of lack of space there, they decided to upsurge this evil in Panchkula Sector 5 Ground.

I went to see this Ravana myself and it was great.

The event is being jointly held by Shri Ram Lila Club, Barara, Mata Mansa Devi Charitable Trust and Adarsh Ramlila Dramatic Club

To commemorate the burst of this tallest Ravana, the president said that this Ravana will displayed for 5 long days instead of the last day only.

A full tight security will be present all there around. Tejinder Singh Chauhan said that crackers worth Rs5 lakh have been purchased from Tamil Nadu and said that these crackers are eco-friendly.

I will try to do a live stream on the burst of Ravana on my YouTube Channel.

The world’s tallest Ravana, we will remember it forever for sure.

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