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Tittery walks 

As thunderbolts lightens 

the daylight

Sprinkling life on the

One hiterto dry 

Sight a few pastures

In the land of unknown

Trace a few lives 

Of some are human

Some inanimate

Still more humane

There is a barrier

Between the thing of beauty

And the eyes that quest it

It has always been 

But never does the soul cease

To peep through it 

Engulfed in cold breeze 

Shuttered by everything cold 

Reminded of all the warmth

That the now cold 

had once caught hold

These vessels of commend

These caskets of Awe

Enough to hold that what is hidden?

A colourless face 

Clenching remorse of greed 

Not withstanding any replacement.

When things hasten to worse 

Is it Worthy of any preach?

Sumaiya ChoudhuryLast Seen: May 28, 2023 @ 10:59pm 22MayUTC

Sumaiya Choudhury


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