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What is the cause,my friend?

why are you the only recourse,

I found in the midst of these torturous


messaging you at odd times,

when it’s very unbecoming of me

 & you ,equally.

what’s it in you,

that took me out of my not-sharing habit of mine,

& therby helping me lighten this unknown burden of mine

and yours, equally.

What is it,

that has become our similar enemy,

and cause of our living at the same time?

My friend,but,

the degree of pain isn’t similar,

you are one step further,

and relieved from this pain of being on the fence,

I’m yet to be rebuffed

and it’ll be a hell to face, i know

so give me the courage,

and tell me how to bear this hellish pain-

for you have got the firsthand experience of bearing this pain,lol!

-as i know the result,

my fate will be the same,

and then ,the only thing I’ll be sure of,

will be our bond getting stronger,

with no one to follow,

nor anyone to lead;but side by Side,

with similar pain, similar cause,

and still similar goals,

 on the farthest shores of our doubtful imaginations.


if my fate is the other way round,

then my friend,

That will be a mericle,

and God the most merciful upon me,

and I’ll feel his dearest one ,born again,

Then , my friend,

i have to be selfish,

and take a step forward, and hence

leave you behind-as you will do the same,if fate is on your side 

-the bond will grow weaker, i know

but, I have to,as you know,

this is our pain ,it’s cause, remedy,

and the goal of our utmost happiness!.

© Aarif Afzal.

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