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AdonisLast Seen: May 24, 2023 @ 6:04pm 18MayUTC

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This is a tale of a bird and a tree

Where the tree is dark and bird carefree

Elegant feathers and sleek at the sight 

It’s a magpie , dark as the night

Down from the woods , catches it’s eye

And makes it fly closer , to low from high

Magpie rushed as if , playing a game of tig

The thing lured her , was a mere tree of fig

Landed on it , then she started to behold

Like a goldsmith , would stare at his gold

A bird and a tree the story is not lame

Their end is tragic and characters are the same

Their fate was bad , that dates back in time

Were cursed for the sin , truly not sublime

It’s about the magpie , when Jesus was crucified

Got defamed as bird of doom ; a bird that did not cry

Jesus gave the curse , to the fig tree for it’s fruit

jinxed with a spell , that caused it wither with it’s root

Affinity stands by them , as they share a bond

Like a wizard casted love , with a magic wand

The branches of fig tree , have no visitors dearth

Yet a place adorned , for someone who is worth

Crossed the moments of joy and so of the sore

Gifted to nestle lovingly , when the rain would pour

Entangled with the tree , like needle pair of clock

And opera in serenity , with it’s chirping and squawk 

The time flew slowly and seasons passed through

Reminiscing the inception , never did they rue

One day out of sorts , came a crowd with behest

Defying the woods with axe and started to deforest

Turned the green forest , desolate as they sped

Chopped stems throughout and green bloodshed

It’s the same place , where a bird and a tree wed

Of many small creatures , a bird was found dead

The bird could fly but had a strange covet

Rather loved to die , with it’s dearly beloved

This was a story of a tree and a birdP

leasing at the start and the ending absurd.

AdonisLast Seen: May 24, 2023 @ 6:04pm 18MayUTC



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