How To Choose The Best New York Construction Accident Lawyer (2023)

How to Choose the Best New York Construction Accident Lawyer (2023)


16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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In New York more workers than in any other industry are involved in construction-related incidents each year that’s why you need a New York construction accident lawyer. Over 58,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries in 2015, and one in five work-related deaths included the construction industry.

More than 5,500 construction employees in New York had injuries that required them to miss work days; this equates to around 15 accidents related to construction every day in the state. Despite these facts, committed construction workers show up each day to the job site to continue creating and expanding the infrastructure that keeps our nation progress.

In New York, if you were hurt in a construction accident, you need a New York construction accident lawyer with a lot of experience and a track record of success. New York accident injury laws are there to protect you. However, if you weren’t hurt due to construction but rather it was a personal injury, then hire one of the best personal injury lawyers.

Common Causes Of Construction Accidents

Three of the top 10 safety breaches in 2019 were found on construction sites, despite Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements and inspections. Accidents on construction sites that may have been avoided happen frequently because of noncompliance with OSHA safety requirements and other New York personal injury laws. The following are some typical reasons for construction accidents:

  • Elevator-related accidents
  • slipping off ladders
  • Scaffolding mishaps
  • getting hit by falling debris or objects
  • inadequate instruction improper tool use
  • electrical mishaps
  • Falls and slips
  • ruins of structures
  • Crane mishaps
  • Equipment failures
  • Fires
  • exposure to poisonous substances
  • confined gases
  • Welding mishaps

These catastrophes are much more likely to occur when safety laws are broken.

How Long You have To File A Construction Accident Claim

You have three years in New York from the time of your accident to initiate a personal injury claim against a private company or individual. To make a workers’ compensation claim, you have two years. If a loved one was killed in a construction accident, you only have 2 years after the date of death for filing a wrongful death claim.

The best New York construction accident lawyers can help you better manage your legal rights. If you are filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a municipal entity, you will typically need to serve a Notice of Claim on the municipality within 90 days of the accident.

These deadlines may appear distant in the immediate aftermath of an accident, but you should always get help from New York construction accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn the applicable statutes of limitations for your potential claim or lawsuit.

To preserve evidence and start putting your claim for compensation together, a ton of legal work must be done right away. You will do better if you contact a reputable New York construction accident lawyer who knows about New York personal injury laws as soon as possible.

Why Should You Contact A New York Construction Accident Lawyer 

Construction sites are closely regulated by state and federal safety laws due to the high level of danger involved. But despite the strict New York personal injury laws that control construction work, many of the parties involved frequently fail to protect their employees.

Building site owners, suppliers of tools, general contractors, and subcontractors could all be involved in a construction accident.  All of these parties, though, will take every precaution to limit their liability if a worker is hurt. You don’t need to handle the challenging insurance claims procedure by yourself.

Work with a knowledgeable New York construction accident lawyer who can examine your accident fully, establish who was at fault, and represent you in court.

How to choose the right New York Construction Accident Lawyer

New York construction accident lawyer will aid you in a number of ways, from assisting with the filing of your complaint to arguing your case convincingly in court. However, hiring a construction site accident lawyer is one thing.

Selecting the top New York construction accident lawyer for your case is a very different. If you are not sure about your needs, finding the right law company can be challenging and time-consuming.

Ultimately, selecting the finest New York construction accident lawyer requires time, study, and trust in your gut. When the time comes to select a lawyer, you’ll be able to tell if you made the right decision after you engage their services. 

1) Check for case history and news articles

You need to look up any prior cases or press reports pertaining to the success and failures of the New York construction accident lawyer you are considering hiring. Once more, this is crucial to figuring out whether or not a law practice is actually worth your time and money.

News stories frequently contain information regarding previous settlements or successful case outcomes for a law practice. On their websites, many of the top New York construction accident lawyer will also include client endorsements or previous case outcomes. These serve as quick links to documentation of the lawyer’s success.

2) Find reviews and testimonials

You should only employ New York construction accident lawyer who can support their claims of expertise with evaluations, who knows about New York personal injury laws, and testimonials because there are many lawyers to choose from.

Check to see if the prospective law practice has any reviews, and if so, thoroughly read them. Because of the nature of online reviews, the most of them will be published by previous customers who were either ecstatic with their purchase or incredibly dissatisfied. In both situations, learning important details about a prospective business partnership before crossing the dotted line is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do i pick the right construction accident lawyer?

No settlement or court ruling can be finalized until the ink has dried on the document. Working with a New York construction accident lawyer that has a track record of winning cases is still a solid sign that they can help you succeed in the future.

Once more, focus on victories that are pertinent to your field of injury law rather than simply looking for wins. You want evidence that your New York construction accident lawyer has successfully handled cases using the legal tactics you intend to employ.

2) Should I hire an attorney to help with my case?

Complex legal difficulties frequently come up in construction accident situations. These include figuring out who was responsible for the accident and seeing if your mishap is covered by New York personal injury laws protecting construction workers.

It may be necessary to consult with experts whose opinions are all picked based on their unique education, experience, and training in order to maximize your financial recovery from the case. An adept New York construction accident lawyer is especially suited to handle these challenging and frequently time-consuming obstacles on your behalf.

3) Am I eligible to more than just workers compensation?

Yes, frequently. Although workers’ compensation regulations forbid you from directly suing your employer, you might be able to do so under the New York personal injury law or against third parties such as equipment manufacturers if you suffered an injury while working on a construction project.

Your ability to receive additional compensation for pain and suffering, total lost income and benefits, future medical costs, and other damages that workers’ compensation does not cover may be aided by filing a personal injury claim. #NewYork #ConstructionAccident #Lawyer #NewYorkConstructionAccident #ConstructionAccidentLaywer