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I was only on trier. The girl didn’t like me. Didn’t say she likes me. Didn’t gives a sign. But I like her. I like her because she didn’t care. That is who she is. Probably nineteen. Or maybe twenty or twenty-two. I don’t know. I don’t know because I wasn’t good at deducting. Or maybe I was good at deducting. Maybe it’s just deducting age I wasn’t good at. So I sat down. I sat down thinking about it. Because I was losing it.

I don’t want to get married. Nor am I planning to. But when we’re talking about getting in line with someone. Both me and the little girl, it seem we’ll be rocking well. She said she didn’t want pressure. Pressure from both men or women. That she want freedom. Freedom to do what she wants. When she wants. And with whomever she wants it with. She just wanted to be free. And l love her. I love her with all that decisions. Because that is also whom I am.

I told her I can’t force her. That she’s holding the right to live her life. To live her life just the way she want. That even if she didn’t love me. I will always cherish her vibes. But she wasn’t buckling. She wasn’t interested. She said she’d got a man. Someone whom she trust. And someone who truly understand her. And I was disappointed.

Not because I’m jealous of the guy. Not because I couldn’t hold it. But because I was mad. I was mad of why I haven’t met her. Right before the proclaimed understandable guy did. It was a serious feeling.

I told her I could wait.

“Wait for what?” She had said.

“Wait for you.” I had replied.

But she said no. She said she didn’t want me to wait. She said waiting for her does not going to change anything. Like her heart was set on stone. She wasn’t going to leave the guy. And she was serious about it.

But then I realized, she was smiling. Smiling and still talking to me. And it really mean something. At least to me. So I told her to put me on tier one. Where I could be a wonderful chaser. Chasing who? If you ask. Chasing her.

But I have learned a lesson. Probably a long time ago: “Never chase a lost coin.” 

No matter how much you love someone, never be the reason they break up. So I relax. Waiting for their downfall.

Call me devil if you want. Or you could call me jackass. To hell with that. We’re talking about compatibilities. The girl was compatible with me. With all her vibes and lifestyles. She was the perfect match.

So I’m waiting. And I’m waiting real hard. Waiting for her guy to fuck up.

How many years was it going to take? I don’t know. Maybe three years or four, I can’t say. Or maybe for a lifetime? No one knows. But I’m waiting. I’m waiting because no one ever beat me to that. Waiting! It was my hobby.

So I wait. I set out waiting. Waiting for the right time. The right moment of my life. Which might actually not comes. But the one that really worth the waiting.

I took out my phone. Stare at it for a long better and crazy deal of time. Then I dialed the number. Her number. And it was ringing. Ringing but not answering. Then I dialed it again. Same result. No one picking. I shrugged. Waiting. I’ve got to keep on waiting. So I dialed my managers phone. Told her to keep watching. Watching over the girl. That absolutely nothing must happened to her. Until I get back from the business trip that I’m heading to.

Lake Chass.

The man of a billion mission.

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