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What is Material Design: User Interface From Google

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Material Design is Google’s way of presenting beautiful User Interface in their apps and sites. It is a metaphor for the physical world around us. Basically what Material Design suggests is to make everything as if it exists and works in real life. For eg. Google gives shadows to all objects in manner that it seems that objects exist in real life, and there is some light coming from the top left of screen.

#MaterialDesign makes beautiful animations in manners as if they happeb in real, if you click a toggle, it moves as if it would move in reality. Though there is one thing that #Google does against the laws of #Physics.

When you press any button, the button shall move back, it should scale smaller other language, though wherever may you see, pressing any button only enlarges the button In the book, How Google Works, the story behind Material Design, unfolds.

Where Jonnathan Rosenberg, states that in the pricess of designing the Material Design, they realised that pressing any button was not a direct contact with the #UserInterface as their exists the screen in between. After many trials Google decided that the reverse need to be implemented, that object should come nearer to you, it should get attracted. These designs definitely have some limitations, like the pop-ups definitely do not follow the laws of physics, as they appear from now where.

But the pointis not to put in physics, itis to make people feel lile they interact with objects, that work like objects. Google does it in all it’s all formats. On #websites and on #apps Google follows it pretty amazingly. Though the Material Design does not necessarily mean all internet based services. You can use it wven on thumbnails of videos, or may be power point presentations, they just looks great.

Material Design 2.0

Material Design has now a newer version, known as Version 2.0 The version is not much different in terms of asthetics and styles, but the design basically focuses on the fact that background is lighter than the foreground. Google recently release Chrome 69 with the new Material Design and it is visible their. The background color is white which is #ffffff, any boxes or cards existing in foreground are now having more rounded edges and have a comparitively darker shade in them. Google uses slightly blue shade withthe hexadecimal for the color being #f1f3f4 These improvments make it look much more interesting and appealing.

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