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Now it is going to be a little nervous. Mathematics. Or maybe thinking. But either way, it’s gonna be something you don’t eagerly talk about. Useless thinking.

The girl wasn’t special. Wasn’t superb. And I’m sure as hell she wasn’t that something you can beat yourself over. She was just what? A girl.

Geometric plays a lot in life. Sometimes you figure out what happens. And other times you just didn’t. Feel weird but ain’t it better that way? I asked myself. Of course it is. I answered. But I hate it. I hate it because it makes you lose control. You lose control of almost everything.

People say love is great. That you should love more. But I said I hate it. And they’re not ready to care. Or was I wrong? Well, to hell with it. All I know is when talking about love, I mean someone you really care about, it ain’t easy. You get mad at all little things they do. You get crazy with their bullshit. Something you could’ve ignored, you get mad at it. Not because you care. At least sometimes. But because you love them. And loving them is killing you.

But it was good. It was special. And it was awesome. Even when dying with love? Of course, ain’t you reading the stories. Great men. Great men dying for love. Yeah! We all die at a little point in life. No matter how small or how insignificant that little thing is. Unless you’re not living. And we must accept the fact.

I met her when meeting a friend of a friend from a friend. What..!! You say? Smiles. It was just a friend. She’s beautiful. But not that beautiful. But she’s okay. No, not the girl. The friend of a friend from a friend that I went to see. Lolzzz.

She wanted to jump a hole. Or maybe something seem like a gutter. I was staring from afar. She was slim. Not tall. But she passed average. And there’s something in her chest. Breast. The top of her nipples. It was killing it tight. Her right breast slightly bigger than the left. But she was handling it. Handling it in a way that make me think about squeezing it. Just squeezing it a little. Because I love the way the two breast are bouncing. Swaying the front of her top. It was wonderful.

I didn’t walked up to her. I figured she would actually come back. Like maybe she was living around the corner. Or maybe somewhere slightly far. But definitely around here. So I waited. And I guessed right. Because about twenty-two minutes after. She was bouncing back. Right breast jumping. Dragging the left breast with it. It was a lovely view. The two breast keep on deeming like a still river. Not flowing. But giving and showing some vibe of a lively breeze. I love it.

I won’t wasted my time. Nor my effort. So I walked up to her. Called her about three or four feet short.

She looked back. Blinking. But she didn’t stop. But then she started walking slowly. So I walked fast. Nervous. But creative. After getting to her shoulder to shoulder, I paused. Look deep into her eyes. I smiled. She smiled back. Then she flinched. Just tiny changes in her eyes. I saw it. Always pay attention, that was my motto. It was my teeth. I got three shining piercing right there. Front teeth. Sometimes I even smile even when the situation didn’t call for it. Like funeral. Somebody died at the age of thirty. Newly got married. No kid. Yet I was smiling. Smiling occasionally. Some people though I was crazy. But I wasn’t. I was only advertising my teeth.

“I like you,” I said. “Not ordinary like, I want to date you. I want you to be my woman.”

She was still smiling. My type. She also have piercing. Three. Maybe three and half. The forth one was small. So I count it as half. I was looking at her left ear. And I was loving what I’m seeing. And she keep on smiling. Glancing at me. Because I was looking at her breast. Especially the right one. And she was looking back at me. Gazing up.

“Thanks,” she said.

Then I was smiling back. Couldn’t explain why. But I love the smile.

“I want you as my woman,” I said. “I really want you.”

She’s still holding up her smile. 

“You’re somehow… you know, just can’t understand why.” She shrugged. “Oh okay, you know, my mother send me out. So I gonna get going.”

“I like you,” I said. Maybe for the third time.

She laughed. I smiled back. Advertising my teeth. The way that I always do.

See you @ the next post.

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